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CDMA Development Group Announces Commencement of the Second Annual CDMA World Congress in Singapore

Congress Highlights Remarkable Growth of CDMA Systems Around the World

REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE, June 3, 1997 -- The CDMA Development Group (CDG) today announced the commencement of the Second Annual CDMA World Congress. More than 800 delegates, including the wireless industry's leading authorities from around the world, will attend this three day paramount event. The Second Annual CDMA World Congress highlights the consistent, extraordinary growth of CDMA systems globally, and provides the latest cutting-edge news and information on CDMA, including the introduction of the universal term for IS-95 based CDMA specifications -- cdmaOne.

"The Second Annual CDMA World Congress is the premier forum to review the progress of CDMA and to discuss the evolutionary paths toward the next generation of wireless communications," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "Global network operators have found a technology that offers superior voice quality, greater call capacity and advanced services. Because of its unique features and benefits, CDMA has easily met the demands of its customers worldwide. Especially exciting is the introduction of cdmaOne, a new term that will serve as an umbrella for the worldwide family of products based on the IS-95 air-interface including wireless local loop, PCS and cellular applications."

Highlights of the CDG's announcements and participation at The Second Annual CDMA World Congress include the following: cdmaOne was formally announced today by LaForge as a universal, simple industry term to be used when referring to CDMA systems around the world. The name cdmaOne and its logo will be for the use of CDG member companies, and will serve to underscore the worldwide support of IS-95 based systems around the world. The name encompasses all CDMA standards terminology including IS-95, IS-96, IS 98, IS-99, IS-634 and IS-41.

Meeting the increasing global demand for the deployment and implementation of CDMA systems, the CDG also announced support for the extension of the cdmaOne (IS-95 CDMA) standard to cover the traditional PCN (1710-1900 MHZ) and 900 MHZ cellular frequency bands. This initiative enables CDMA systems to operate in previously unavailable areas of spectrum and extends the potential of CDMA technology to nearly every country on the globe.

The CDG today announced that its Data Team has completed an effort to define medium to high speed data services for CDMA. The CDG's Data Team has worked to develop standards for high speed data services, such as incorporating 64 kbit data services into the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standard IS-95 Rev. C, the next revision of the CDMA standard. This service will be applicable across all cdmaOne-based applications such as wireless local loop, PCS and cellular. A primary goal of the CDG is the development of standards for high speed data services, including data rates of at least 2 Mbits/second.

In addition, the CDG released the latest figures on CDMA subscriber numbers which are now close to over 2.5 million subscribers worldwide. Throughout the next few years, these numbers are expected to accelerate even faster as cdmaOne systems enter commercialized service throughout Asia and South America, and as wireless local loop becomes commercial. Further deployments in North America will also boost worldwide subscriber numbers significantly.

Additionally, the CDG also announced new additions to its membership including Audiovox, Clearnet Communications (Canada), Globalstar, Grayson Electronics, Hansol PCS (Korea), Hitachi (Japan), Hughes Network Systems, IDO (Japan), MCI, Mobile Systems International, NEC do Brasil (Brazil), ORA Electronics, Philips Consumer Communications, PT Komselindo (Indonesia), Spectrian Corporation, Telecom Analysis Systems, and Telular.

The Second Annual CDMA World Congress opened with the greeting and the introduction of the session chair by LaForge. Additional speakers to participate throughout the Congress include Tony Hennen, senior vice president and general manager, cellular infrastructure group, Motorola; Dr. Ali Afrashteh, technical director, PrimeCo, USA; Scott Erickson, vice president, marketing and international business development, wireless infrastructure, Lucent Technologies, USA; Craig Farrill, vice president, strategic technology, AirTouch, and president, CDMA Development Group; Jeff Belk, vice president, marketing and John Major, president of the wireless infrastructure division, QUALCOMM, Incorporated, USA; Matt Desch, president-wirelessnetworks, Northern Telecom, USA, and many others.

cdmaOne is the only worldwide digital CDMA standard with millions of commercial customers today. cdmaOne is supported by nearly 50 network and subscriber equipment manufacturers and over 25 of the leading wireless network operators. The cdmaOne product family includes cellular, PCS and wireless local loop applications and represents theuniversal set of specifications embodying these deployments from network to air interface.