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The CDMA Development Group Announces Broader Frequency Agility for cdmaOne -- IS-95 CDMA

REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE, June 3, 1997 -- To meet the increasing global demand for the deployment and implementation of CDMA systems, the CDMA Development Group (CDG) today announced support for the extension of the cdmaOne (IS-95 CDMA) standard to cover the traditional PCN (1710-1900 MHZ) and 900 MHZ cellular frequency bands. This initiative enables cdmaOne systems to operate in previously unavailable areas of spectrum and extends the potential of CDMA technology to nearly every country on the globe.

"The extension of the cdmaOne standard to the 900 MHZ and 1.8 GHz bands opens up a wide array of new markets for CDMA around the world," said Perry LaForge, executive director for the CDG. "The frequency extension will ensure that nations which previously allocated spectrum to meet the requirements of the GSM standard will now have a choice between digital wireless technologies. Every country will soon be able to experience the superior voice quality, greater call capacity and lower costs of cdmaOne networks. More importantly, every wireless service provider will have a clear growth path for migrating to the third generation of wireless technology, which will undoubtedly be based on the cdmaOne standard."

cdmaOne has demonstrated that it encompasses the required characteristics to become the global wireless technology of choice. cdmaOne offers network operators the highest voice quality and the greatest call capacity while keeping costs as low or lower than alternative digital technologies. In addition, cdmaOne applies to a range of wireless applications, including cellular, PCS and wireless local loop.

"As cdmaOne networks deploy across the globe, the extension of the technology becomes a solution to all current and future wireless communications requirements," added LaForge. "After all, cdmaOne has exceeded every expectation set forth by major worldwide markets including the United States, Korea, and Hong Kong. In one year's time, the number of CDMA subscribers has grown to over 2.5 million people worldwide."

cdmaOne is the only worldwide digital CDMA standard with millions of commercial customers today. cdmaOne is supported by nearly 50 network and subscriber equipment manufacturers and over 25 of the leading wireless network operators. The cdmaOne product family includes cellular, PCS and wireless local loop applications and represents the universal set of specifications embodying these deployments from network to air interface.