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The CDMA Development Group Announces Completion of Work to Develop High Speed Data Capability

CDMA's Data Services Achieve World Class Functionality; New Standard Unmatched in Industry

REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE, June 3, 1997 -- Underscoring the continuing advancement of CDMA technology, the CDMA Development Group (CDG) today announced that its Data Team has completed an effort to define medium to high speed data services for CDMA. This announcement was made today at the CDG's Second Annual CDMA World Congress in Singapore, through June 5, 1997.

The CDG's Data Team has worked to develop standards for high speed data services, such as incorporating 64 kbit symmetrical data capabilities into the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standard IS-95 Rev. B, the next revision of the CDMA standard. This service will be applicable across all cdmaOne (IS-95-based) applications such as wireless local loop, PCS and cellular, and will provide customers with high speed internet access, high speed file transfers and other multimedia applications.

A primary goal of the CDG is the development of standards for high speed data services, including data rates of at least 2 Mbits/second.

"The CDMA Development Group is excited that cdmaOne's data capability will be unmatched in the industry in terms of speed and quality," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "We have achieved world class functionality, providing global operators with the necessary speed to deliver advanced services to their subscribers. The CDG, along with its member companies, is continuing efforts to develop high speed data services at increased data rates, and has no intention of halting our efforts at 64 kbits, as CDMA has the inherent capability to deliver advanced services at broadband speeds."

cdmaOne is the only worldwide digital CDMA standard with millions of commercial customers today. cdmaOne is supported by nearly 50 network and subscriber equipment manufacturers and over 25 of the leading wireless network operators. The cdmaOne product family includes cellular, PCS and wireless local loop applications and represents the universal set of specifications embodying these deployments from network to air interface.