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CDMA Deveopment Group Announces Phenomenal Sucess of Second Annual CDMA World Congress in Singapore

Congress' Success Attests To Industry's Commitment and Advancement of CDMA Technology

COSTA MESA, Calif., June 17, 1997 - - Featuring the wireless industry's leading authorities from around the world, the CDMA Development Group (CDG), today announced the outcome of what proved to be the most informing, successful CDMA conference to date -- the Second Annual CDMA World Congress held last week in Singapore June 3-5, 1997. The Congress was attended by more than 800 wireless representatives from around the world.

Congress highlights included the formal introduction of cdmaOne, a universal term for IS-95 based CDMA specifications. The name cdmaOne and its logo will be for the use of CDG member companies, and will serve to underscore the worldwide support for IS-95 based systems around the world.

"The Second Annual CDMA World Congress proved, through its attendance and industry's overwhelming commitment and testimony, that cdmaOne-based technology has become the leading wireless standard for the future," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "After only two years we have proven that CDMA technology has evolved as the global wireless standard for cellular, PCS and wireless local loop. And at the next CDMA World Congress, I look forward to addressing the success of this year's globalization efforts of cdmaOne technology with extraordinary subscriber numbers worldwide."

The Second Annual CDMA World Congress featured seminars on topics including Capturing the Momentum of Growth Worldwide, the Global Market for CDMA Products, and Future Developments for Enhanced CDMA Services. These seminars were hosted by industry leaders including Tony Hennen, senior vice president and general manager, Cellular Infrastructure Group, Motorola; Dr. Ali Afrashteh, technical director, PrimeCo, USA; Scott Erickson, vice president, marketing and international business development, Wireless Infrastructure, Lucent Technologies, USA; Craig Farrill, vice president, strategic technology, AirTouch, and president, CDMA Development Group; Jeff Belk, vice president, marketing and John Major, president of the Wireless Infrastructure Division, QUALCOMM, Incorporated, USA; Matt Desch, president-wireless networks, Northern Telecom, USA; and many others.

In addition to seminars, The Second Annual CDMA World Congress provided the CDG with an opportunity to formally announce the latest advancements in CDMA technology. These announcements include:

  • The introduction of cdmaOne as a universal, simple industry term to be used when referring to CDMA systems around the world
  • CDG announced support for the extension of the cdmaOne standard to cover the traditional PCN (1710-1900 MHz) and 900 MHz cellular frequency bands
  • CDG announced that its Data Team has completed an effort to define medium to high speed data services for CDMA