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CDMA Development Group Continues International Expansion
Membership Grows to 64 Companies

Los Angeles, December 5, 1996 -- The CDMA Development Group (CDG) has announced the creation of an Asia Pacific Working Group within the organization to address a wide range of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) development issues in the Asia Pacific region.

Through this new working group, operators and manufacturers involved in the implementation of CDMA in Asia can more effectively participate in CDG efforts. By leveraging CDG activities around the world, operators and countries will be able to accelerate time-to-market and open up opportunities to expand CDMA-based industries.

"The formation of the Asia Pacific Working Group will expedite standardization and inter-networking among CDMA systems not only in Asia but worldwide," said Perry LaForge, Executive Director of the CDMA Development Group. "The globalization of IS-95 based CDMA will allow operators and vendors to enjoy greater economies of scale and ensure that feature-rich products will be available internationally."

As a part of the Asia Pacific Working Group, the CDG has already launched a team to address international roaming issues between CDMA networks in North America and Asia. The team will be responsible for developing guidelines to support seamless automatic international roaming among operators of CDMA.

"Through the CDG, operators from around the Pacific Rim will be able to participate in detailed development and testing of features and services such as international roaming," added Dr. Joongsoo Ma, Director of Korea Mobile Telecom, the largest CDMA service provider in the world today. "This cross-industry process and information sharing will reduce the time required to bring new CDMA services on-line worldwide."

Symbolic of the rising importance of the Asia Pacific region to CDMA and CDG, four of the five new operators to join CDG are from Japan and Korea. In total the CDG announced that 15 more wireless carriers and manufacturer's have been accepted into the organization, bringing the total number of member companies to 64.

New members include Anritsu, DDI, Grayson Electronics, Hansol PCS, Hewlett Packard, Hughes Network Systems, LG Telecom, Panasonic, MCI, ICO, ORA Electronics, Siemens, Tektronix, U.S. Robotics, and VLSI. DDI and IDO are private cellular service providers in Japan, while Hansol PCS and LG Telecom are two of the three new PCS licensees in South Korea.

To qualify for membership, companies must demonstrate a substantial commitment to the development and/or deployment of CDMA cellular or PCS products and contribute significant technical and business resources to support the CDG's work. In addition to welcoming 15 new member companies, the CDG has accepted four new members to its executive board. The new members are Tadashi Onodera, Senior Managing Director of DDI; Kon-ho Park, Director of Hansol PCS; Takuhito Kojima, General Manager of IDO Labs; and Fred Briggs, Chief Engineering Officer of MCI.