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CDMA Development Created 17 Companies Join Together To Speed Digital Cellular Technology To Market

IRVINE, CA - Seventeen companies that are developing products and services necessary to bring Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital cellular technology to market have formed the CDMA Development Group (CDG).

The CDG's mission is to define a consistent set of technical requirements for CDMA features to expedite the introduction of services to North American consumers. The group's efforts are based on the existing CDMA standard IS-95, approved last year by the Telecommunications Industry Association.

The CDG is developing a set of open standards, created for the cellular industry, that will facilitate market introduction of CDMA services. In addition, the CDG is working to ensure complete interoperability among CDMA systems and digital phones.

"This industry effort will help bring about the most rapid, smooth and successful roll-out of CDMA possible," said Ron Grawert, president - GTE Mobilnet. "Commercializing any new technology is a matter of balancing time-to-market issues with implementation issues. The CDG's efforts will give customers the best of both worlds -- feature-rich CDMA services that have been fully tested to ensure they deliver on their promises."

CDMA will offer cellular and PCS customers improved voice quality, enhanced privacy, lower power (and therefore longer talk-time and lighter-weight) portable handsets, and a rich set of features. Consumers will benefit from the CDG's efforts through early access to new and improved cellular features, added reliability and an even more competitive market for wireless products and services.

In addition to enlisting the efforts of service providers and equipment manufacturers, the CDG is taking an industry-wide approach to shape the future of CDMA products and services. The group already has formed liaison relationships with the Telecommunication Industry Association (the North American standards-setting organization) and the Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) Forum. In addition, it will work with the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, the Personal Communications Industry Association and other interested associations to implement its plans.

The CDG's activities began informally in February of this year with a core group of companies. Today, nearly a dozen technical teams and more than 200 individuals are working to define the technical specifications for CDMA features and services. Work is already underway on: short messaging, voice mail alert, asynchronous data and facsimile, cellular paging, caller ID, higher data rate voice, over-the-air activation, smart cards and subscriber unit sleep mode, which will help extend battery life.

To date, 17 companies have joined CDG. The members include: AirTouch Communications, ALLTEL Mobile, Ameritech Cellular Services, AT&T, GTE, Hyundai, Maxon, Motorola, Nokia, Northern Telecom, NYNEX, Oki, QUALCOMM, SAFCO, Sony Electronics, Sprint Cellular, U S WEST Cellular.