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CDG Press Releases Archive 1994-1995

December 15, 1995
CDMA Development Group Announces Hearing Aid Compatible Specification
- Software Modification Prevents Interference

December 11, 1995
CDMA Development Group Finalizes High Data Rate Speech
- Technology to Provide High Quality Wireless Communications

January 31, 1995
CDMA Development Group Begins International Expansion, Announces Availability of Numerous CDMA Specifications

December 12, 1994
CDMA Development Group Forms Team to Address PCS Issues
CDG Membership Expands to 30 Companies

October 26, 1994
CDMA Development Group Completes Specifications for Data and Short Message Services
- Begins Work on Spec for CDMA Access to CDPD Services

September 28, 1994
CDMA Development Group Defines Instant Activation Process
First of Many Specs to be Developed

August 9, 1994
CDMA Development Group Created
17 Companies Join Together to Speed Digital Cellular Technology to Market