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Broadcast-Quality TV Now Playing On Wireless Phones In San Luis Obispo, California

Broadcast-Quality TV Now Playing On Wireless Phones In San Luis Obispo, California SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA — February 28, 2008 — Wait times at the airport, doctors’ offices and restaurants just got a little bit more interesting for Verizon Wireless customers in San Luis Obispo, Calif., who can now watch broadcast-quality television on select TV-enabled handsets. Verizon Wireless has expanded its V CAST Mobile TV service to the area, giving local residents the ability to watch broadcast-quality television on select mobile TV-enabled handsets.

The company introduced the service on California’s central coast last August in Santa Barbara. V CAST Mobile TV features full-length shows and other programming 24 hours a day from well-known entertainment brands including CBS Mobile, Comedy Central, ESPN Mobile TV, FOX Mobile, MTV, NBC 2GO, NBC News2GO, and Nickelodeon. Customers can watch their favorite network TV shows, sports and breaking news while waiting at the airport, killing time between classes, or otherwise looking for a fun way to pass the time.

“Th is is real broadcast television with a range of channels and great shows to choose from,” said Rich Garwood, regional president of Verizon Wireless. “Our customers in San Luis Obispo can now carry their TVs with them in the palms of their hands and watch virtually whenever they choose.”

The service comes with parental control features so parents can monitor and restrict the programs their children view.

Monthly access packages begin at $13 per month. Four V CAST Mobile TV-enabled phones are currently available: the all new Voyager™ by LG, the LG VX9400, the MOTORIZR™ Z6tv, and the Samsung SCH-u620. For more information, visit the V CAST Mobile TV Web site at

V CAST Mobile TV from Verizon Wireless is powered on the FLO TV™ service from MediaFLO USA Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated. Because MediaFLO USA o perates a dedicated multicast network that delivers programm! ing in a linear format, Verizon Wireless can offer customers the latest in mobile entertainment without impacting its award-winning voice and data services.

Customers can get hands-on demonstrations at the Verizon Wireless Communications Store located at 994 Mill St. in San Luis Obispo.

Media Contact Info

Heidi Flato 925-279-6545

Ohio Customers Can Do More With Wireless As They Gear Up For Pivotal Presidential Primary

Ohio Customers Can Do More With Wireless As They Gear Up For Pivotal Presidential Primary OVERLAND PARK, Kan. Feb. 27, 2008--Sprint wireless customers in Ohio who instantly want to communicate during the state's March 4 presidential primary should experience even better wireless service as a result of Sprint's local network enhancements. Sprint added 82 wireless cell sites during 2007 and has continued to increase capacity in the new year. "Sprint networks are operating at best-ever levels and our Ohio customers are reaping the rewards with crisper calls and top-notch coverage," said Kevin Gleason, area vice-president for Ohio. "Customer satisfaction is our No. 1 goal this year and we're committed to that goal through continued network enhancements."

The following list outlines some local areas benefiting from increased coverage:

New Nationwide Sprint Network cell sites:

-- Willoughby, along Euclid Avenue

-- Cleveland, near interstates 90 and 71

-- Wooster, along U.S. 30 and Ohio 3

-- Licking County along Interstate 70 near Gratiot

-- Cincinnati, intersection of interstates 275 and 71

-- North Lewisburg, along Ohio 559, Ohio 245/275 and surrounding areas

-- Columbus, Upper Arlington and west campus areas

-- Columbus, Ohio 40 near Westland shopping center

New Nextel National Network cell sites:

-- Mayfield Heights (Cuyahoga County), along Mayfield Road

-- Munroe Falls (Summit County), along Howe Road

-- Butler (Richland County), along Ohio 97

-- Lisbon (Columbiana County), along Churchill Road

-- East Palestine (Columbiana County), along Padgett Drive

-- Hanoverton (Columbiana County), along Stroup Road

Nationally during 2007, Sprint added more than 4,000 cell sites to the Nationwide Sprint Network and Nextel National Network. Both networks are currently performing at their best-ever levels, which means fewer blocked or dropped calls, translating to better connections for customers.

Sprint Coverage Tool and Sprint Plan Adviser

Sprint customers can access detailed coverage maps down to the street address level by using the Sprint Coverage Tool, which is available online ( and at self-service touch-screen kiosks at many Sprint and Nextel retail stores across the country. The tool equips customers with knowledge about network coverage in the areas where they live, work and play. By entering an address or ZIP code, customers can check the availability of wireless coverage and recently added cell sites on the Nextel National Network, Nationwide Sprint Network or Sprint Mobile Broadband Network.

Sprint also offers the Sprint Plan Adviser, a tool that helps customers make educated decisions about which wireless plan is right for them based on the criteria they provide; the tool is available at

CONTACT: Sprint Candace Johnson, 317-571-2155

Alltel Wireless Launches Voicemail MAX

Alltel Wireless Launches Voicemail MAX LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - February 27, 2008 - Alltel Wireless, America’s largest network, providing coverage across the nation, today announced it will offer Voicemail MAXTM, an application which enables customers to personalize outgoing voicemail greetings with the voices of Hollywood stars, comedians, celebrity impersonators, and top-selling music artists. Developed by 9 Squared, a Zed Company and leading provider of mobile content in the U.S., Voicemail MAX features content from Larry the Cable Guy, Steve Harvey, Orlando Jones, T.I., and popular voices from COMEDY CENTRAL’S “RENO 911!”

“With Voicemail MAX from Alltel Wireless, our customers now have a fun way to personalize their wireless service,” said Kristi Crum, director of multi-media content for Alltel Wireless. “With hundreds of messages to choose from, customers can select voicemail greetings that match their personalities for incoming calls from friends, family and colleagues.”

Voicemail MAX is available on select phones and provides access to over 500 audio clips recorded by premier voice talent. The application is available for download and preview at no additional cost via the phone’s main menu. One greeting may be purchased for $2.99, and customers can choose from a wide variety of content categories including Hip Hop Celebrities, Rock Stars, Sports, Business, Holiday, Cartoon, and many others.

“Voicemail MAX establishes a new category for mobile personalization. Our unique content from providers like Warner Music Group and MTV Networks allows Alltel Wireless subscribers to customize their voicemail greetings with entertaining clips from the worlds of comedy, music and pop culture,” said Brian Casazza, Chief Executive Officer for 9 Squared. “We are pleased to team with Alltel Wireless, a leading provider of cutting-edge, fun and engaging solutions for their subscribers.”

For more information, contact:

Andrew Moreau 501-905-7962 Vice President - Corporate Communications

Lucie Pathmann 501-905-5553 Director - Marketing Communications

KPN International Works With Sprint To Strengthen Its Global Network In United States And Canada

KPN International Works With Sprint To Strengthen Its Global Network In United States And Canada OVERLAND PARK, Kan.-- Feb. 26, 2008--KPN International, a leading European provider of next-generation telecommunications services, has extended availability of its IP network solutions into the United States and Canada, strengthening the KPN International global network. Based on a new partnership agreement with Sprint, KPN International's network in Europe and locations in North America are now seamlessly interconnected with Sprint's IP network. As a result, multinational enterprises now benefit from MPLS and Wide Area Network solutions which enable them to connect with employees, partners, suppliers and customers worldwide.

By working with Sprint, KPN International customers will now benefit in North America from the robust security and reliability of global MPLS VPN services based on Sprint's Tier 1 IP network, which are highly flexible, scalable and quick to implement. Customers will enjoy a network experience consistent with that on KPN's network today, regardless of their geographic locations. The extended capabilities will also deliver fully managed networking services to simplify network management and maintenance for businesses.

"The extensive coverage into the U.S. and Canada is a further step in KPN International's successful strategy of partnering with global carriers. Our partnerships with Sprint for North America, with SingTel for Asia and Telefonica for South America enable our customers a truly global network experience, covering 85% of the world economy" explains Carolien Nijhuis, Vice President of KPN International. "Multinational customers like Groeneveld Transport Efficiency B.V. have already benefited from the new agreement with Sprint to connect their locations in Europe, the U.S. and Canada via an end-to-end MPLS VPN network."

Dan Dooley, vice president of international and wholesale at Sprint, added, "KPN's selection of Sprint as their IP partner in North America validates Sprint's expertise in delivering a comprehensive IP portfolio to businesses. Our relationship allows KPN to meet their customer needs in the U.S. and Canada with robust IP solutions. It enables KPN to serve as a one-stop shopping experience for their customers, providing seamless and end-to-end management of data solutions."

CONTACT: Media: Sprint Nextel Stephanie Greenwood, 913-794-3658 or KPN Corporate Communication +31 70 446 6300

DIALLOG Acquires Licenses to Operate Across Pakistan

DIALLOG Acquires Licenses to Operate Across Pakistan Islamabad, February 26, 2008: DIALLOG, a wireless local loop operator, has completed acquisition of additional licenses to operate across Pakistan in a single frequency spectrum of 450MHz. The company is entering new territories with a vision to deploy a broadband network with the widest coverage reach.

DIALLOG will roll out and operate one of the first wireless broadband data networks in the region based on robust and proven CDMA EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized) third generation technology. It is adopted across the globe with over 80 million subscribers on four continents.

With peak data rate over 3 Mbps, the users will be able to send and receive large files, email with attachments, high resolution photographs and personal videos from their portable devices. With its low network latency and IP-based broadband architecture, the network will support time-sensitive interactive applications, such as Voice over IP and video telephony, with "always on" user experience.

The unique frequency spectrum of 450MHz ensures the widest reach compared to any other wireless network. Lower frequency results in better propagation of the signal and expanded coverage, while 450MHz is the lowest frequency spectrum available in Pakistan for commercial operations. This enables the network to span across rural areas, presently deprived of any option for broadband data access.

DIALLOG will reach people in every corner of the country, to close communication gaps and to bring friends and family closer. “DIALLOG is a young company with aspirations to develop the latest technology here in Pakistan. Acquiring these licenses to enable our vision is a great achievement and a matter of pride for our team,” said Mr. Artem Orange, CEO, DIALLOG. “Imagine that you can get connected to the Internet wherever you are, without any wires attached, at the lightning speed of the future.”

Mr. Parvez Iftikhar, CEO, Universal Service Fund Company established by Ministry of IT & Telecom, commented: “Endeavors like this one from DIALLOG will help to improve broadband penetration in the country which is rather dismal at the moment. USF Company is following up a strategy to help in this.”

Tremendous growth potential of the Pakistani telecom market, especially broadband segment with present penetration under 0.1% of the population, along with the ever growing need to communicate in the modern Internet world, makes network expansion an enormous opportunity for DIALLOG to bring customers the solutions they seek. DIALLOG, along with its technology partners, aims to deliver a highclass communication infrastructure across Pakistan, to redefine the way Pakistan communicates.

Apart from basic voice and broadband data services, the company will present its customers a host of advantages such as customer friendly tariff plans, convenient billing and round the clock customer care.

Sprint Mobility Solutions Simplify Healthcare Business and Enhance Patient Care

Sprint Mobility Solutions Simplify Healthcare Business and Enhance Patient Care ORLANDO, Fla.--Feb. 25, 2008--With more than 30 years supporting the healthcare industry, Sprint continues to provide innovative and cost-effective mobility solutions that help healthcare providers balance patient care, operational efficiency and cost management. In 2007, Sprint saw a significant growth in the adoption of mobility solutions by healthcare providers with a growing interest among hospital and caregivers for adopting Nextel Direct Connect, Sprint Mobile Broadband and Converged Network Solutions (CNS) from Sprint.

"Sprint is leading the path in helping healthcare providers streamline their operations and improve communications by offering them with innovative mobile solutions," says Bill Montgomery, national director of Healthcare sales for Sprint. "We are helping physicians to get the job done wherever their rounds take them."

A fast, reliable push-to-talk solution such as Nextel Direct Connect allows easier coordination among first responders, dispatchers and hospitals, helping to improve survival rates for victims. Several hospitals across the United States use Nextel Direct Connect to benefit from its one-touch push-to-talk capability which offers instant communications within less than a second. Physicians, nurses, emergency room attendants and staff can communicate with each other at the push of a button, making informed decisions that can save lives.

"Nextel Direct Connect offers a simple, instant and effective way for our staff to communicate in the trauma center, helping save time which leads to efficiency and enhanced patient care," says Dr. Michael Suk, Director of the Orthopedic Trauma Service at Shands Medical Center. "Now I no longer have to page a doctor and wait for a response. Instead with the push of a button, I am instantly connected and get immediate responses to my needs."

In an unpublished medical research study, Dr. Suk documents the benefits of using Nextel Direct Connect technology over traditional pagers. The results indicate that the use of Nextel Direct Connect increased the efficiency of day-to-day acute and sub-acute patient care in the trauma setting.

"Time is very crucial in the trauma center and Nextel Direct Connect helps us save time through instant communications. As a physician, how many times have I wished for that extra time in a day to help save another life?" says Dr. Suk. "Our research shows that response times are instantaneous with Nextel Direct Connect and we all agree that better and faster communication is directly related to better response and patient care. With these results, I think Nextel Direct Connect should be in every hospital in America."

Continuous and reliable communications is key to high-quality patient care within hospitals, making wireless connectivity a huge priority. Sprint's CNS team understands this and offers in-building solutions that provide enhanced, dependable wireless connectivity and coverage throughout the hospital campus, facilitating continuous communications between physicians and nurses and giving them the power to access critical patient information on their handsets, when and wherever they need it.

West Palm Beach VA Hospital found the perfect partner in Sprint to provide wireless connectivity across their campus in Florida. Dorothy Whigham, telecommunication specialist at West Palm Beach VA Hospital notes, "The enhanced wireless connectivity provided by the Sprint CNS team has provided us with consistent, high quality and reliable communications through all our buildings, keeping our employees connected and informed at all times."

Studies show that patients recover more quickly in their own environment; as a result nurses that care for at-home patients end up spending a lot of time on the road. Sprint, in partnership with several application developers, offers point of care solutions that allow better management of time and travel and help simplify the business by reducing unnecessary paperwork, automating workflows, providing mobile access to patient data and streamlining billing and collections. With a Sprint smart phone and GPS solutions, mobile nurses not only have the ability to send immediate updates and status alerts back to their main offices, but can also access locations and routes while in the field.

Montgomery notes, "With Sprint's Home Healthcare Solutions, home healthcare providers now have the ability to manage the efficiency of their mobile workers while continuing to deliver the quality care and satisfaction their patients deserve."

Sprint will be demonstrating all these solutions in Booth # 4562 at the 2008 HIMSS Annual Conference, Feb. 25 - Feb. 28, 2008 in Orlando, Fla. Sprint offers voice and data services for the healthcare industry; has a full data-services portfolio including business-continuity, wireless, wireline and managed services. In addition, Sprint's strong portfolio of security products and services can also help healthcare organizations address HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) security requirements. For more information, visit

CONTACT: Sprint Sukhi Sahni, 703-592-7779

Alltel Wireless To Offer LBS Nationwide Roaming

Alltel Wireless To Offer LBS Nationwide Roaming LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - February 22, 2008 - Whether in New York trying to find directions, or visiting California and looking for the perfect restaurant, Alltel Wireless customers now have access to GPS applications outside of their home network area with the availability of LBS (location based services) Nationwide Roaming.

Alltel Wireless customers with GPS-capable handsets will benefit from this industry-leading feature, as they now have the ability to use any of Alltel’s navigation and location based applications nationwide. In addition to the existing network, Alltel LBS applications will now function in more than 45 major metro areas that were previously inoperable before of this network enhancement. Standard roaming charges apply, making it easy to access the services needed, wherever and whenever needed.

“Through LBS Nationwide Roaming, our customers are able to use a GPS application when it matters most, especially when they are in unfamiliar territory,” said Kristi Crum, director of multimedia content for Alltel Wireless. “LBS Nationwide Roaming is another example of Alltel recognizing the needs of its customers and delivering a solution.”

Alltel currently offers an impressive suite of GPS applications including TeleNav GPS Navigator and Alltel Navigation, providing vital navigation tools directly on customer handsets. In addition, Alltel’s WHERE application helps direct customers to desired points of interest including gas stations, shops, restaurants, hotels, parks, golf courses, ATMs, hospitals and schools.

Alltel also offers Axcess Family Finder, a service that enables parents to determine the location of their child's Axcess Family Finder-capable phone from the Web or their mobile phone. Axcess Family Finder features easy-to-use interactive maps to monitor or guide family members to specific locations.

LBS Nationwide Roaming will also benefit businesses with mobile workforces, as Alltel’s TimecardGPS application will now work coast-to-coast. The application enables users to track an employee’s location, record shift time and capture job or work order information from LBS-enabled wireless phones.

Alltel Wireless offers features including "My Circle” which gives customers the freedom to choose who they call for free – any 5, 10 or 20 numbers on any network; Anytime Plan Changes which gives customers the flexibility to change their rate plan any time, without extending their contract; and Celltop, its exclusive and patent-pending technology which provides customers an easier way to access, manage and organize a wide range of information already available on their phones.

Alltel is owner and operator of the nation’s largest wireless network and has more than 12 million customers. For more information about Alltel, please visit

For more information, contact:

Andrew Moreau 501-905-7962 Vice President - Corporate Communications Alltel Wireless

Lucie Pathmann 501-905-5553 Director - Marketing Communications Alltel Wireless

Huawei Successfully Deploys ALL-IP CDMA Network For Tata Indicom

Huawei Successfully Deploys ALL-IP CDMA Network For Tata Indicom SHENZHEN, CHINA, 20 Feb 2008 - Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. ("Huawei"), a leader in providing next-generation telecommunications networks for operators around the world, today announced that its All-IP CDMA solution has been successfully deployed in the commercial network of Tata Indicom ("TATA") in India.

India is an important strategic market in the global telecom industry. As India's leading CDMA operator, TATA is building a robust, pan-India telecom network to provide high-quality and reliable services, and realize its corporate vision of achieving 100 million subscribers by 2011 in India.

TATA selected Huawei's All-IP based CDMA core network solution and radio access equipment to replace its existing network in Delhi, Kolkata and other main cities, thus enabling its transformation towards 3G technology. Leveraging on its rich international experience in project deployment, Huawei successfully completed this project in six months. Results from independent third party audit reveal that the network is one of the best available. The new end-to-end All-IP network architecture allows TATA to simplify network operations, improve resource utilization, and significantly reduce operating expenditure.

The quality of the network was tested during the 2008 New Year festival when the call traffic was about 2.5 times the normal in Delhi. Huawei's robust IP mobile soft switch, renowned for its high-capacity reliability, ensured that TATA met the peak traffic challenge successfully. The high-throughput of the All-IP PARC platform allowed the network to cope easily with heavy load and delivered a high quality performance.

Mr. Max Yang, CEO Huawei India, said: "TATA is a very important customer for Huawei India and we're glad to experience the network success with TATA. With our strong reputation and expertise in the converged mobile and IP domain, Huawei is well positioned to improve our customers' network value with our All IP CDMA solution for their increasingly rapid telecom network development."

Telecom Extends WorldMode Roaming Range

Telecom Extends WorldMode Roaming Range February 20, 2008 -- Telecom has launched the latest addition to its range of WorldMode roaming mobile phones - the OKTA Mondo.

The new Mondo operates on both the CDMA and GSM networks allowing New Zealanders to seamlessly roam in around 140 countries.

Telecom General Manager Business Solutions Greg McAlister said the Mondo is an important addition to Telecom’s WorldMode roaming device offering.

“New Zealanders are seeing the benefits of being able to roam without having to worry about what type of mobile network they’re using and we’re pleased to be expanding their handset options further,” says Mr McAlister.

Mr McAlister expects the phone’s roaming capabilities coupled with a camera, MP3 player, Xtra email and Internet access will make it a popular choice for New Zealanders.

“We’ve been experiencing solid demand for our WorldMode range of mobile phones and the Mondo with its strong feature set, at an affordable price, is very attractive even for people who don’t roam.”

In addition to a host of features, the clamshell Mondo has an internal memory of 128 MB RAM and personal management tools including the ability to store up to 1000 contacts, a calender and alarm functions.

The OKTA Mondo will retail for $399 and is available from Telecom stores and dealers as well as at the Telecom online mobile store.

Telecom will be adding to the WorldMode range in March with the launch of two new devices.

For more information please contact:

Katherine Murphy PR Advisor – Business 027 422 2709

Verizon Wireless Introduces The Hip SCH-u550 From Samsung

Verizon Wireless Introduces The Hip SCH-u550 From Samsung BASKING RIDGE, NJ, and DALLAS, TX — February 19, 2008 — Verizon Wireless and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung) today announced the availability of the SCH-u550 from Samsung. This fashionable clamshell sports a trend-setting brown finish and lets customers download and listen to music, check out short video clips and take pictures and videos while on-the-go. Available today, the SCH-u550 can be purchased online at or in any of the 2,400 Verizon Wireless Communications Stores throughout the country.

In addition to a sleek, stylish design, the SCH-u550 features a 1.3 megapixel camera with Night Shot to enhance the camera’s capabilities in dark environments and digital zoom, a camcorder, and Bluetooth® wireless capabilities for headsets, hands-free, serial port, certain dial-up networking profiles, and object push for vCard to further enhance customers’ wireless experience. Verizon Wireless customers can also access V CAST Video, Verizon Wireless’ multimedia service with news, sports and entertainment video clips, 3D games, and more; and V CAST Music, which offers access to over 2.7 million full-length songs from well-known and independent artists that can be purchased and downloaded over-the-air, directly to the SCH-u550. Additional features of the SCH-u550 by Samsung include:

• Get It Now®-capable – download games, ringtones, wallpapers, location based services, and more

• VZ NavigatorSM – visual and audible directions to a destination, locate businesses and other places in an area, get a map of a location, bookmark favorites and recent searches, and even share locations with others

• Mobile Web 2.0SM – customizable, enhanced wireless access to the latest in news, sports, weather, and more

• Text, picture and video messaging

• Instant Messaging using AIM®, MSN®, Yahoo!®

• Expandable memory with microSD™ memory card slot

• Dimensions: 3.77” x 1.93” x .64”; 3.35 ounces with standard battery

• Advanced Speech Recognition

• Speakerphone

• Personal organizer with Calendar, Calculator, Notepad, Alarm Clock, World Time, and Stop Watch

• Bilingual user interface: English and Spanish

• TTY/TTD-capable

• Hearing Aid Compatibility rating: M4/T4

The SCH-u550 is available today for $69.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement. For more information about Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or visit

Media Contact Info

Brenda Raney 908-559-7518

Tracy Calabrese MWW Group for Samsung 972-301-5406

First Slider Power Vision Phone, M520 by Samsung, Comes Loaded with Entertaining and Essential Features Including Sprint Navigation, Live Television and Over-the-Air Music Downloads

First Slider Power Vision Phone, M520 by Samsung, Comes Loaded with Entertaining and Essential Features Including Sprint Navigation, Live Television and Over-the-Air Music Downloads OVERLAND PARK, Kan. & DALLAS--Feb. 18, 2008--Offering customers industry-leading communication and entertainment features, Sprint and Samsung Mobile today announced the immediate availability of the M520 by Samsung. This unique slider phone makes it easy for customers to access the Web, find local restaurants, watch live television, download their favorite songs, send text messages or use GPS to find their way home.

As the first Power Vision(TM) phone in a slim, slider form factor, the M520 by Samsung is simple to operate and slips easily into a pocket or purse. It offers a robust multi-tasking capability that gives customers the ability to play music in background mode while also using the phone for text messaging, playing games or surfing the Internet.

Operating on the Sprint Mobile Broadband network, the M520 by Samsung provides access to Sprint exclusive services and multimedia content, including:

• Sprint Navigation, powered by Telenav, with GPS-enabled audio and visual turn-by-turn driving directions, one-click traffic rerouting and more than 10 million local listings.

• Live Search for Sprint, by Microsoft, gives voice-enabled access to directory information on-the-go, GPS-enabled directions, interactive maps and one-touch click to call access.

• Sprint Music Store(SM) allowing users to browse and wirelessly download full-length songs directly to their phone from a selection of more than 1.8 million songs for just 99 cents each;

• Sprint TV(SM) with more than 50 channels of live and on-demand video and audio;

• Sprint Exclusive Entertainment (SEE), the industry's only made-for-mobile sports and entertainment video programming network. (Standard data charges apply to all downloads.)

"We are pleased to introduce this simple-to-use and inexpensive slider phone into our robust Power Vision portfolio," said Danny Bowman, Sprint's vice president of Customer Equipment. "Accessing services that are useful and entertaining is truly effortless with the M520 by Samsung. Customers will appreciate the uncomplicated menus and smooth multi-tasking capabilities."

This device is packed with helpful essentials including Web access, SMS voice and text messaging, Phone as Modem, picture caller ID, Wireless Backup and a MicroSD slot supporting up to 4GB of memory (64MB card enclosed.) Additional features of the M520 by Samsung include stereo Bluetooth(R) with audio caller ID that enables the user to identify callers with a spoken voice while they listen to music and a 1.3 megapixel camera with 2x digital zoom and camcorder functionality.

This device is now available in all Sprint retail channels including and 1-800-SPRINT1. Pricing for the M520 by Samsung is just $49.99 with a $50 mail-in rebate and 2-year contract ($249.99 SRP.) It measures 4.01" x 2.04" x 0.5" when closed and weighs less than 2.8 ounces.


Media Contacts: Sprint Michelle Leff Mermelstein, 703-592-7504 or MWW Group for Samsung Brett White, 972-301-5404

Sprint Delivers Winning Hand For Global Travelers With Samsung Ace Smartphone

Sprint Delivers Winning Hand For Global Travelers With Samsung Ace Smartphone OVERLAND PARK, Kan., & DALLAS-- Feb. 18, 2008--Offering customers the ability to stay connected through voice calls, email, and Web browsing around the globe, Sprint and Samsung Mobile today announced the upcoming availability of the Samsung Ace(TM), a sleek, stylish and commanding smartphone powered by the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network and Windows Mobile 6.

The Samsung Ace(TM) delivers the versatility of a slim and compact smartphone combined with the experience of a personal computer, complete with Windows Mobile 6 capabilities. Operating in the U.S. on the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network, the Samsung Ace(TM) provides clear voice calls, core PDA and organizational capabilities and easy access to exclusive Sprint content, including Sprint TVSM with more than 50 channels of live television and on-demand video and audio and On Demand with up-to-date information on sports, weather, news, money and more customized to the user's zip code. With quad-band capabilities, the Samsung ACE also operates globally on CDMA and GSM/GPRS networks where Sprint has international roaming agreements. With the Samsung ACE Sprint customers can make or receive calls in approximately 180 countries and access professional and personal email, view documents and files, surf the web, and sync their Outlook calendar in nearly 100 countries. More information about expansive international coverage options with Sprint can be found at

"Mobile professionals and consumers alike need to stay connected wherever they are," said Danny Bowman, vice president of customer equipment for Sprint. "The Samsung ACE combined with the benefits of SprintSpeed, competitive rates and expansive coverage through multiple technologies makes it one of the strongest Windows Mobile devices on the market today, a clear value for customers in the U.S. and just about anywhere else."

Exceptional International Values from Sprint

Recognizing that cross-border trips into nearby countries make up a significant portion of travel outside the United States, Sprint provides clear value for its customers through the following offers:

• Canada Voice Pricing - All Sprint wireless calls placed within Canada are $.59 per minute regardless of the call destination. For $2.99 per month customers may subscribe to a special Canada calling plan and reduce their per-minute rate for these calls to $.20 per minute.

• Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam - Voice calls placed within any of these three countries where Sprint has coverage are billed the same as minutes used within the continental U.S for customers with roaming included in their service plan. Data roaming, available in Puerto Rico and Guam, is also billed the same way, allowing customers to use available services in these territories the same way they do in the continental U.S. based upon their individual data service plan.

• Special Business Pricing - Sprint offers a variety of special international pricing offers to enterprise and government customers under contract.

• Unlocked SIM Capabilities - In addition to taking advantage of any Sprint International Roaming services, Sprint customers can also use a third-party SIM for international voice and data services, giving them greater flexibility for their global communications needs.

• International Mobile Broadband Access for Laptop Users- Sprint is the only U.S. carrier to offer EV-DO data roaming in Canada and Mexico meaning a customer can use their Sprint Mobile Broadband cards in these North American countries for an affordable rate of $0.0002/kb, approximately $2 per Mb. Sprint also offers this same value for 1XRTT data roaming services in Israel and China

• North American Connection Card Plus Plan - For customers that travel to Canada and Mexico frequently they can take advantage of Sprint's North America Connection Card Plus Plan which allows Sprint Mobile Broadband customers unlimited data usage with a laptop everywhere in the US, Canada, and Mexico for $109 monthly charge and a 1 year contract*.

"Samsung is thrilled to be working with Sprint and Microsoft to bring this powerful and comprehensive networking device to our loyal customers in the U.S. to use in the States and around the world," said Bill Ogle, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Mobile. "The Ace is what Sprint and Samsung customers have been waiting for, a smart, sleek device that can deliver unlimited connectivity anywhere in the world."

In addition to its international capabilities, the Samsung Ace(TM) offers an impressive feature set, including:

 Slim, light form factor with a full QWERTY keyboard - The Samsung Ace(TM) measures 4.65" x 2.32" x 0.46" and weighs just under four ounces

 Large 2.3" TFT color display - perfect for viewing live and on-demand channels available through Sprint TV, as well as up-to-date information with On-Demand.

 Slide Click Wheel - Experience easy navigation between a multitude of applications

 Stereo Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology - Enjoy the convenience and versatility of hands free communication by pairing the Samsung Ace(TM) with headsets, car-kits and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

 External Memory - The Samsung Ace(TM) supports up to 2GB MicroSD card for storing music, videos and pictures.

 1.3 Megapixel Digital Camera and Camcorder - Capture quality images with integrated digital camera and zoom. Shoot video clips to share with family and friends.

 View Documents - The Samsung ACE(TM) allows customers to view documents and files on the phone with Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

Personal Computer Power in a Pocket-Sized Design

Thanks to Windows Mobile 6, the Samsung Ace(TM) from Sprint delivers a powerful personal computer to the mobile phone market with pinpoint connectivity across the globe. The Ace assists people in keeping track of contacts and schedules through Outlook Mobile, browsing the Web using Internet Explorer Mobile and viewing Word, Excel and PowerPoint files using File Viewer.

"A Windows Mobile phone works across a person's entire life whether that is sending business email from Beijing's airport or posting a picture of a child's visit with the grandparents in Texas to a family blog," said Scott Horn, general manager, Mobile Communications Business at Microsoft Corp. "The Samsung ACE(TM) is a solid choice for anyone that wants one phone to stay connected to family, friends and information around the world."

The Samsung ACE is available today in business sales channels, online at and through telesales at 1-800-SPRINT1 for $199.99 with a two-year service agreement and $100 mail-in-rebate. The device will be available in Sprint retail stores beginning in March.

For a detailed fact sheet and specs on the Samsung ACE visit


Sprint Amy Schiska-Lombard, 913-794-2947 or MWW Group for Samsung Brett White, 972-301-5404

KDDI Announces Start Of GLOBAL PASSPORT International Data Roaming Services In Vietnam

KDDI Announces Start Of GLOBAL PASSPORT International Data Roaming Services In Vietnam Feburary 18, 2008 - KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce the February 19 addition of international data roaming services to voice roaming services in Vietnam for users of GLOBAL PASSPORT, the international roaming service offered by KDDI that enables au mobile handsets used in Japan to be used without modification overseas.

With addition of Vietnam, GLOBAL PASSPORT data roaming services will now be available in 13 countries and territories overall, including the United States, Hawaii, China, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Canada, Guam, Saipan, India, Indonesia and Israel.

Customers using handsets enabled for data roaming services, will now be able to exchange e-mail and access the Web, in addition to voice-call services currently offered in Vietnam, simply by updating to the latest PRL (Preferred Roaming List) before traveling. This does not require any prior application.

In addition to the territories now covered by the data roaming service, KDDI plans to expand data roaming availability to other countries where voice roaming is already provided. KDDI continues to work to bring more convenience to users of au mobile phones when they travel overseas.

The PRL (Preferred Roaming List) contains information on roaming areas of overseas partner providers. The latest PRL is necessary for users to roam in an area where a new roaming service is introduced. Users should download and update information stored on their handsets before they leave Japan.

Please refer to au's website, Subscription to the EZweb service is required for using this function.

Sprint Enhances Network, Expands Coverage Throughout Hawaii

Sprint Enhances Network, Expands Coverage Throughout Hawaii HONOLULU, Feb 15, 2008 -- Sprint customers in Hawaii can now enjoy the benefits of SprintSpeed(TM) from even more places in the state. During 2007, Sprint added 25 new cell sites throughout Hawaii and 10 of these sites were added on the Big Island. Additionally, Sprint enhanced coverage for customers statewide by upgrading many existing cell sites to carry both iDEN and CDMA technology.. Sprint customers in the Hawaii area can take advantage of recent network enhancements at the following locations:

• Ookala and Laipahoehoe (Big Island)

• Puna/Pahoa areas (Big Island)

• Waikaloa and Captain Cook areas (Big Island)

In addition, customers can now experience the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network throughout the island chain. Sprint Mobile Broadband with EV-DO (Evolution - Data Optimized) Revision (Rev.) A technology allows customers to send and receive e-mail with large file attachments, access the Internet in seconds and enjoy streaming video and other real-time applications, as well as location-based solutions, on-the-go.

"Sprint customers now have even greater access to wireless voice and data in Hawaii--allowing instant access to their information," said Dale Goya, General Manager, Hawaii. "We continue to invest in Hawaii and worked aggressively in 2007 to ensure that Sprint customers have the enhanced coverage they need."

Nationally during 2007, Sprint added more than 4,000 cell sites to the Nationwide Sprint Network and Nextel National Network. Both networks are currently performing at their best-ever levels, which means fewer blocked or dropped calls, translating to better connections for customers.

"Whether checking e-mail, catching a conference call or just browsing the Internet, customers in Hawaii and nationwide can trust Sprint's robust networks to help them stay connected with friends and family, and co-workers, on the go," said Goya.

Current and prospective customers can view coverage maps using the Sprint Coverage Tool, which is available at and at self-service touch-screen kiosks at many Sprint Nextel retail stores. The tool equips customers with knowledge about network coverage in the areas where they live, work and play, and helps them make informed decisions regarding services from Sprint. By entering an address or ZIP code, customers can check the availability of wireless coverage and recently added cell sites on the Nextel National Network, Nationwide Sprint Network or Sprint Mobile Broadband Network.


Sprint Nextel Kathleen Dunleavy, 310-709-3689

Play Ball! Verizon Wireless Network Revs Up Connection For Baseball Fans At Spring Training

Play Ball! Verizon Wireless Network Revs Up Connection For Baseball Fans At Spring Training PHOENIX, AZ, and TAMPA, FL — February 15, 2008 — Professional baseball players are reporting to spring training this week in Arizona and Florida, and Verizon Wireless is ready to hit one out of the park for baseball fans looking for an early glimpse of their favorite teams.

Fans are now covered by Verizon Wireless' Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) Revision A (Rev. A) wireless network. With the wireless broadband network now available at all spring training locations in Arizona and in Florida, Verizon Wireless customers watching the on-field action can enjoy both BroadbandAccess and V CAST services. BroadbandAccess is the enhanced high-speed wireless service that equips Verizon Wireless’ business customers with a truly untethered mobile office experience, enabling them to wirelessly access their calendars, the Internet, e-mail, and critical business information residing behind their companies’ firewalls. V CAST is the consumer-oriented multimedia service that gives customers access to a comprehensive selection of downloadable music, high-quality videos and the coolest 3D games found anywhere.

Along with a game-ready network, Verizon Wireless offers wireless services that cover a lot of bases for baseball fans on-the-go:

• VZ NavigatorSM – Customers can navigate spring training locations with VZ Navigator, an assisted GPS application for Get It Now®-enabled phones and certain BlackBerry devices that transforms a customer’s wireless handset into a powerful navigation device. VZ Navigator gives customers audible directions, helps locate nearby places, like hotels and restaurants, and provides maps of locations.

• ESPN MVP – With ESPN MVP, baseball fans can follow what is happening throughout the league all season with SportsCenter video highlights, alerts for scoring updates and breaking news, news on players, teams and leagues, select ESPN Insider content, and ESPN Bottomline – right on their V CAST phones.

• Mobile Web 2.0SM – Mobile Web 2.0 gives Verizon Wireless customers access to news, tools and information from the nation’s top content providers. The simple, intuitive format makes it easy to access content from many categories, including News, Sports, Weather, Entertainment, Business, Email, and more, allowing them to stay on top of e-mail and news while cheering for their favorite team.

Verizon Wireless’ ongoing investments and enhancements of its network ensure that fans can stay connected and enjoy a grand slam of popular products and services.

In Arizona, Verizon Wireless invested $135 million in its network in 2007, including its enhancement of its data services to Rev. A in the spring training cities of Mesa, Peoria, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Surprise, Tempe, and Tucson.

In Florida, Verizon Wireless invested $178 million in its network in 2007, including its enhancement of its data services to Rev. A in the spring training cities of Bradenton, Buena Vista, Clearwater, Dunedin, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Meyers, Jupiter, Kissimmee, Lakeland, Sarasota, St. Lucie, Tampa, Vero Beach, Viera, and Winter Haven.

Nationwide, Verizon Wireless has invested nearly $44 billion since it was formed -- $5.5 billion on average every year -- to increase the coverage and capacity of its national network and to add new services. For more information about Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go to

Media Contact Info

In Florida:

Chuck Hamby 813-615-4803

In Arizona:

Jenny Weaver 480-763-6321

Other Media:

Tom Pica Verizon Wireless 908-559-7516

Michael Jackson Pushes Telecom Over 2 Million

Michael Jackson Pushes Telecom Over 2 Million February 13, 2008

Telecom’s Music Store hit 2 million tracks this week with the addition of Michael Jackson’s 25th Anniversary edition of the Thriller album.

The milestone gives Telecom customers access to New Zealand’s most extensive mobile catalogue of tracks for download to mobile.

David Craig, Telecom’s GM of Marketing says the vast range of tracks reflects the growing demand for access to music anywhere, anytime.

“One of the key benefits for customers downloading from the Telecom Music Store is accessibility. Our customers don’t have to be tied to a PC or need to connect. If they hear a tune they like playing somewhere; it can be theirs with the push of a button,” he says.

Telecom Music Store’s substantial catalogue has tracks available for purchase including chart hits, a back catalogue full of hits of different genres, and classic releases from 60s & 70s.

Recently upgraded, the Telecom Music Store now cross references purchases customers make with other music they may like to try.

“Telecom is committed to offering a great music service to New Zealanders - the best range of music content available for customers we possibly can,” says Mr Craig.

For more information please contact:

Rebecca Earl PR Manager – Consumer (Voice) Telecom Tel: 09 362 8150 Ph: 0274 377 517 Email:

Verizon Wireless To Deliver Slam Dunk Network Coverage For This Weekend’s Big Game At The New Orleans Arena

Verizon Wireless To Deliver Slam Dunk Network Coverage For This Weekend’s Big Game At The New Orleans Arena NEW ORLEANS, LA — February 12, 2008 — Verizon Wireless is bringing a Cell on Light Truck (COLT) to the New Orleans Arena to provide Verizon Wireless customers with increased network coverage during this weekend’s big game.

Verizon Wireless works year-round to expand coverage, increase capacity and strengthen the quality of its wireless network to ensure it is the MVP when it comes to handling the increased call volumes that occur around special events such as this weekend’s match-up of basketball’s biggest stars.

A COLT is a fully functional, mobile cell site that enhances wireless capacity in a given area, thereby enabling thousands of extra calls to take place concurrently on the network, all in an attempt to make sure calls go through on the first try and are not disconnected mid-sentence.

Not only can a COLT enhance service surrounding large-scale events, it can also be used in times of disaster. Verizon Wireless’ COLTs can be rolled into hard-hit locations or areas that need extra network capacity, such as in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Verizon Wireless has invested nearly $44 billion since it was formed – $5.5 billion on average every year – to increase the coverage and capacity of its national network and to add new services. In 2007 alone, Verizon Wireless invested more than $64 million to expand and advance its Louisiana network.

Media Contact Info

Patrick Kimball 713-219-8227

Lovers And Haters Alike Love Valentine’s Day Jukeboxes From Verizon Wireless

Lovers And Haters Alike Love Valentine’s Day Jukeboxes From Verizon Wireless BASKING RIDGE, NJ — February 12, 2008 — For better or worse, Valentine’s Day arrives on Thursday. To recognize the day, Verizon Wireless is featuring two pre-packaged Jukeboxes of ringback tones with popular songs – the Lovers Jukebox features love songs for people in love, the Haters Jukebox is the perfect companion for those suffering from broken hearts:

Valentine's Day – Lovers

• “Love Song,” by 311 • “Love Song,” by Sara Bareilles • “Sexual Healing,” by Marvin Gaye • “Love Like This (Hook),” by Natasha Bedingfield feat. Sean Kingston • “Until The End of Time,” by Justin Timberlake (duet with Beyonce) • “Girlfriend,” by Bow Wow and Omarion • “Crash Into Me,” by Dave Matthews Band

Valentine’s Day – Haters

• “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” by Green Day • “Everybody Hurts,” by R.E.M. • “Bad Day,” by Daniel Powter • “Hit the Road Jack,” by Ray Charles • “I Don’t Love You,” by My Chemical Romance • “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” by Joy Division • “Cold as Ice,” by Foreigner

Verizon Wireless’ pre-packaged Jukeboxes are an easy way for customers to pick a theme of songs their callers hear, plus provide customers with the added benefit of a volume discount over purchasing each ringback tone individually. Customers can purchase either of the Valentine’s Day Jukeboxes online at for an annual fee of $9.45 per Jukebox plus a $0.99 monthly ringback tone subscription.

Create A Jukebox

Customers can create their own Jukeboxes online at by purchasing the ringback tones they want, selecting “Manage” from the left navigation menu and clicking on the “My Ringback Tones” link. After creating the new Jukebox, customers can assign up to 15 ringback tones to each Jukebox created. Customers can also assign the Jukebox to their default ringback tone, Caller IDs, Group IDs, Time of Day, or Day of Week selections by accessing the “My Settings” tab on the Web page. Individual ringback tones are available for an annual fee of $1.99. Regardless of the number of ringback tones purchased, a $0.99 monthly subscription applies to customers using ringback tones.

For more information on mobile music from Verizon Wireless, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or visit

Media Contact Info

Jeffrey Nelson 908-559-7519

Sprint Plays Cupid For Customers With Social Networking, GPS And More

Sprint Plays Cupid For Customers With Social Networking, GPS And More OVERLAND PARK, Kan.--Feb. 12, 2008--This Valentine's Day, Sprint customers can play cupid to the loved and lovelorn while texting arrows aimed at the heart. Call it flirting at the speed of light or love connections at SprintSpeed(SM); either way, Sprint customers have a variety of ways to land a Valentine or keep in touch with loved ones while on-the-go, including MySpace comments and updates. In fact, MySpace is now delivering more than six million text alerts per month to Sprint customers who want to keep up with all the latest gossip and happenings on their MySpace profiles via the Internet on their Sprint phones.

The dating game is changing as mobile technology becomes more mainstream. While the traditional dozen roses and box of chocolates may not be going away any time soon, those tokens of affection may easily be accompanied by Fast Flirting, CellFlirt and more, sent from a mobile device. Now that text and picture messages are a part of everyday life, a new trend is emerging - mobile dating. For the first time, those looking for love can use the Mobile application to access millions of online profiles and make plans with Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Right-Now.

"On Valentine's Day people want to connect with their loved ones, no matter how busy they might be, and Sprint phones are the perfect way to do that," said Kevin Packingham, vice president of wireless product management. "You can find the closest gift shop using Sprint Navigation, send pictures or ringtones, and even get a text alert letting you know you have a new comment on MySpace. Sprint customers can use their phones to share the love."

These helpful tools on Sprint phones make dating and maintaining relationships easier, as customers can get what they need, when they need it - even if that's during those few minutes after classes or between meetings. Each service enhances the customer's mobile experience, along with making it that much easier to keep their Valentine happy on the big day, or any day.

Those in need of some romantic help can send more love by visiting and using tools such as the TXT Romantifier for some smooth suggestions to turn a phrase. Customers can visit their favorite Sprint retail store or click their way over to for more ideas on how to send some lovin' to their favorite people with pink and red phones or other fun applications.

CONTACT: Sprint Nextel Ashley Hahn, 913-794-1065

CEVA Extends Its CDMA Market Reach With VIA Telecom's Latest Design Wins

CEVA Extends Its CDMA Market Reach With VIA Telecom''s Latest Design Wins BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 11, 2008 -- Mobile World Congress 2008 -- CEVA, Inc., the leading licensor of silicon intellectual property platform solutions and DSP cores, today announced the CEVA-TeakLite™ DSP Core is at the heart of VIA Telecom's CDMA baseband processor chosen by Dopod, in collaboration with China Unicom, to power its new range of low-cost handsets for the Chinese market.

Dopod joins the growing list of customers such as Haier, Cal-Comp, Inventec and other Tier-1 handset manufacturers who have chosen VIA's CDMA Baseband Processor ("CBP") solution for ultra low and low-cost handset solutions targeting the "Emerging Markets". VIA Telecom is working closely with key CDMA2000® operators in these regions, including Reliance Communications (India), China Unicom (China) and APBW (Taiwan).

"VIA Telecom is emerging as a compelling cost-effective solution in the CDMA baseband processor arena," said Will Strauss, President & Principal Analyst, Forward Concepts. "The low-cost CDMA handset market is booming in Asia, and with customers including Dopod and Cal-Comp shipping their CEVA- powered CDMA2000 chipsets to these markets, VIA Telecom is well positioned to grow its market share and customer base."

According to the CDMA Development Group (CDG), from Q3 2006 to Q3 2007, APAC witnessed a 32% increase of its CDMA market share bringing the region to 49% of CDMA subscribers worldwide. Fueled by demand for low-cost handsets, India's CDMA2000 subscriber base continues to grow at a record-breaking pace, surpassing 52.5 million fixed and mobile device users in October 2007. Significantly, VIA Telecom supplies its CDMA chipsets to the two largest CDMA operators in India; Reliance Communications and Tata Indicom.

"The CEVA-TeakLite DSP core combined with the excellent engineering support provided by CEVA have been instrumental in the success of our range of advanced CDMA and CDMA2000 baseband processors," said Dr. Ker Zhang, CEO of VIA Telecom. "We look forward to building on our successful relationship with CEVA as we continue to grow our roster of handset OEM customers."

"We are pleased to partner with VIA Telecom as they continue to expand their impressive customer base in the CDMA arena" said Gideon Wertheizer, CEO of CEVA. "VIA's success is a testament to the quality and low-power capabilities of our industry-leading CEVA-TeakLite DSP, and reaffirms CEVA's status as the handset industry's leading licensor of DSP cores worldwide."


Richard Kingston of CEVA, Inc., +1-408-514-2976,; or Mike Sottak of Wired Island, Ltd., +1-408-876-4418,

Verizon Wireless Expands Wireless Broadband Network To Sullivan, Ohio

Verizon Wireless Expands Wireless Broadband Network To Sullivan, Ohio SULLIVAN, OH — February 11, 2008 — Verizon Wireless announced today that it has expanded the national rollout of its high-speed wireless network to Sullivan. Major roadways included in the expansion are Interstate 224 from Township Highway 581 east to Township Highway 391 and State Route 58 from Township Highway 150 south to Township Road 350.

“Ohio is home to many vital markets with dynamic, tech-savvy business people, students, visitors, and residents who want to stay connected,” said Roger Tang, president – Ohio/Pennsylvania/West Virginia region, Verizon Wireless. “The launch of our broadband network in Sullivan provides our customers with access to the very latest wireless technology.”

With the wireless broadband network now available, Verizon Wireless customers in the area can enjoy two prime services:

• BroadbandAccess, the enhanced high-speed wireless service that equips Verizon Wireless’ business customers with a truly untethered mobile office experience, enabling them to wirelessly access their calendars, the Internet, e-mail, and critical business information residing behind their companies’ firewalls; and • V CAST, a consumer-oriented multimedia service that gives customers access to the most comprehensive selection of downloadable music, high-quality videos and the coolest 3D games found anywhere.


Based on Evolution-Data Optimized Revision A (EV-DO Rev. A) network technology, BroadbandAccess provides mobile workers with the ability to access their corporate information as if they were attached to this data via a high-speed wired connection but with the freedom of true mobility. Developed with a range of users in mind, the service enables large enterprises, small- to medium-sized businesses and mobile professionals to conduct business anytime, anywhere in the BroadbandAccess coverage area via a secure, true high-speed data connection.

With BroadbandAccess, business customers, residents and visitors to Sullivan can expect average download speeds of 600 kilobits per second (kbps) to 1.4 megabits per second and average upload speeds of 500-800 kbps. That means they can download a 1 Megabyte e-mail attachment – the equivalent of a small PowerPoint® presentation or a large PDF file – in about eight seconds and upload the same-sized file in less than 13 seconds.

BroadbandAccess also enables Verizon Wireless customers to download files approximately 10 times faster than customers of wireless service providers that use different broadly deployed network technologies. Furthermore, customers who travel outside the enhanced BroadbandAccess coverage area with an EV-DO device will switch seamlessly to the company’s NationalAccess service.

“Our enhanced BroadbandAccess service gives our customers three key advantages in wireless communication – speed, mobility and security,” Tang said. “With these advantages comes an increase in productivity and bottom-line business benefits.”

V CAST: Video and Music

The company’s wireless broadband network also enables its V CAST multimedia services, which offer customers the ability to download full-song tracks, play cutting-edge 3D games and stream video clips straight to their handsets with top transmission speeds. With content updated daily, customers can watch dozens of on demand videos, including breaking news, weather updates, sports highlights, and the hottest entertainment clips.

With V CAST Music, Verizon Wireless has built a massive full-song mobile music store that contains more than 2.5 million songs – from well-known as well as independent artists – that customers can download over-the-air, directly onto their V CAST Music-enabled wireless phones.


The multi-million dollar expansion includes the installation of high-tech wireless hardware and software in wireless transmission sites throughout the region. Verizon Wireless has invested nearly $44 billion since it was formed – $5.5 billion on average every year – to increase the coverage and capacity of its national network and to add new services. Nearly $1.15 billion of this investment was spent in Ohio. In 2007, the company invested nearly $190 million in Ohio network improvements.

Verizon Wireless was the first national wireless provider to commercially launch a high-speed wireless broadband network in the United States.

For more information about Verizon Wireless products and services, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go to

Media Contact Info

Laura Merritt 614-560-2605

George Heddleston 866-667-9110

ZTE USA Launches First Handset For U.S. Market

ZTE USA Launches First Handset For U.S. Market Dallas, TX – February 7, 2008 - ZTE USA, Inc. a subsidiary of ZTE Corporation, a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, today announced the general availability of its first handset for the U.S. market, the ZTE C88. The C88 delivers a cost effective option for consumers who want a high quality, full featured handset at an affordable price point. The phone is now available for purchase through MetroPCS stores, website and resellers in all markets the carrier serves.

ZTE both designs and manufactures its handsets in-house. This end-to-end approach enables ZTE to offer feature-rich, high quality phones at an attractive price point. Offered as a sleek flip phone, the C88 handset operates at the PCS and Cellular bands (1900 and 850 MHz) and delivers a wide range of enhanced features, including the following:

* 2 inch color screen * Internet (WAP) Browsing * Bluetooth headset support * Camera * Text messaging on a large, easy-to-use keypad * MMS/picture messaging * 60 MB of internal memory * Capability to store 500 contacts * Embedded applications – mail@metro, metro411, mobile IM * Preloaded (Sodoku) and downloadable games, ringtones and Wallpapers.

"The C88 as our first handset for the U.S. market is a major milestone for ZTE," said Dr. George Sun, CEO of ZTE USA. "The C88 handset demonstrates our ability to align our products with the U.S. market's needs. Consumers will find that the C88 offers the perfect mix of affordability, quality, and a broad feature set."

ZTE offers a full portfolio of end-to-end wireless handset and networking solutions in the U.S. that are designed to offer quality and technology innovation at affordable prices. The company's handsets have won numerous international design awards. In addition to handsets, ZTE also offers CDMA platforms and a range of WiMax solutions among other telecommunications products. ZTE counts tier one and two U.S. carriers among its customers.

Media Contacts: Kathryn Gonia ZTE USA, Inc. Ph: 214-420-8443 Email:

Sprint Customers Now Have Access To Sprint Family Locator On All Web-Enabled Sprint Phones

Sprint Customers Now Have Access To Sprint Family Locator On All Web-Enabled Sprint Phones OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Feb 07, 2008 -- Sprint today announced access to its popular Sprint Family Locator service is available on all Web-enabled Sprint phones, an industry first. Parents on the go now can use any Web-enabled Sprint phone to locate their loved ones with Sprint Family Locator. In addition, more than 100 Sprint phones can be located by the service, including all currently available Sprint phones.

"Sprint has always been proud to offer Sprint Family Locator on a wider range of phones than similar services from competitors, and now we've expanded it even further so customers have more choice for themselves and their children," said Kevin Packingham, vice president of wireless data for Sprint. "By offering the most open wireless family locator service with the fewest device and plan limitations, we're allowing more families to take advantage of this valuable tool. Our customers are telling us that this is a life-saving service that can be used not only for children, but also for elderly relatives, or even just to find a lost phone."

Launched in April 2006, Sprint Family Locator is the industry's first family location service that enables families on the go to locate one another using GPS technology. Parents can login on their phone or a PC to locate a child on an interactive map, even when the child is using their phone to make a call or send a text. The service also gives the address, surrounding landmarks and accuracy of the child's location within a specified radius, along with the ability to click to call or send a text to the child directly from the service.

Additionally, the service enables a parent to set Safety Checks(SM) at certain landmarks such as a school, home, or relative's house, at specified times. The parent is automatically notified whether the loved one is near the specified landmark at the set time, providing "hands-off" peace of mind.

Sprint Family Locator is available for $9.99 per month. Unlimited location requests for up to four phones and access to the service from a PC and any Web-enabled Sprint phone are included in the monthly charge. For more information or to sign up for and purchase service, customers can visit

To access Sprint Family Locator on any Web-enabled Sprint phone, customers should go to the Menu on their phone, click on the Web icon and type in the address bar. Existing customers can then enter their login information. Casual data charges apply to customers without a Sprint data plan.

Sprint Family Locator is just one of a variety of tools offered by Sprint to help parents manage their children's phone usage and view safety information. Sprint is committed to continually enhancing and expanding these tools to meet family needs.

Sprint has the longest history of providing location-based services in the wireless industry, beginning with the first location and mobility services in 2000; the first GPS-enabled phone to support E911 services in 2001; the first navigation service on wireless phones with turn-by-turn driving directions in 2003; and the first family location service in 2006. Sprint received the Frost & Sullivan Mobility Award for Location-based Services Company of the Year in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Sprint offers more than 20 consumer GPS applications, including Sprint Navigation, Sprint Family Locator, local search, real estate, shopping and fitness services.

Media Contacts: Sprint Emmy Anderson, 913-707-0618

SaskTel Delivers Faster 1xEV-DO Cell Service To Regina And Saskatoon

SaskTel Delivers Faster 1xEV-DO Cell Service To Regina And Saskatoon February 6, 2008 -- SaskTel cellular customers in Regina, Saskatoon, Martensville and White City now have access to faster data speeds thanks to improved 1xEV-DO cellular service. 1xEV-DO Rev A technology provides upload data speeds 12 times faster, and download speeds 1.3 times faster, than the previous version of the technology, and enables a host of wireless data services including content downloads and video streaming. This improvement is part of a previously announced $11.3 million project to expand or improve 1xEV-DO service in 64 locations across the province by the end of 2008.

“SaskTel’s commitment to offering its customers world-class wireless services is evident from this latest improvement,” Minister of Crown Corporations Ken Cheveldayoff said. “This project to deliver improved wireless data service to residents and businesses across the province brings SaskTel’s total investment in digital cellular service since 1998 to over $138 million.”

“With the much higher speeds made possible by 1xEV-DO technology, SaskTel cellular customers are able to use wireless data services such as content downloads, video and audio streaming, mail and messaging, push-to-talk service and web browsing at speeds close to residential internet high speed connections,” SaskTel President and CEO Robert Watson said. “We will continue to invest in our network to provide our customers with the latest wireless technologies over the largest digital cellular network in the province.”

1xEV-DO Rev A is a third generation network technology available to Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) cellular carriers that will support download speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1.8 Mbps. If customers roam outside of the 1xEV-DO coverage area, the device will switch to 1xRTT coverage automatically. SaskTel’s entire digital network has been enabled with1xRTT functionality since 2003.

For more information, please contact:

Andy Tate, SaskTel Media Relations Phone: (306) 777-4548 Email:

Cricket Adds Cricket EZ from CalComp to Growing Product Line

Cricket Adds Cricket EZ from CalComp to Growing Product Line SAN DIEGO – February 5, 2008 – Cricket Communications, Inc, a leading provider of unlimited wireless services and the operating subsidiary of Leap Wireless International, Inc., today announced the availability of the Cricket EZ from CalComp as part of its handset lineup. This slim, lightweight device is Cricket’s first sub $100 handset, and offers simplicity seeking customers a low-cost handset that is budget friendly without sacrificing quality and features. The launch also marks Cricket’s first deployment of a phone from CalComp and the first use of a phone based on VIA Telecom’s cdma2000(R) 1xRTT baseband processor.

The Cricket EZ is a compact, candy-bar style phone that measures just 4 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches and has a 128 x 128 color LCD display. This slim device offers full-feature SMS capabilities, including capacity to store up to 200 SMS messages, group send and custom-defined quick text, allowing users to program their own frequently used words and phrases for quick and easy messaging. This device also comes with polyphonic ringtones and wallpapers. The phone is immediately available online and at select Cricket retail stores and dealers for $89.99. For more information, please visit a local Cricket retail location or

“Introducing the Cricket EZ into Cricket’s handset line-up broadens our range of entry-level devices, providing our customers more choices when selecting a phone that best suits their lifestyle and budget,” said Sergio Garcia, director of device strategy for Cricket. “The Cricket EZ is a low-cost, user friendly device that offers the essential features value-seeking customers are looking for.”

"We would like to sincerely congratulate both Cricket and Cal-Comp in successfully launching the Cricket EZ, and we are very proud to have been a part of this great team and program”, said Daniel Lee, director of sales & marketing for VIA Telecom. “The Cricket EZ is truly a new breed of no non-sense handsets for those who want a simple and easy every day communication device, a perfect companion to Cricket’s Unlimited Voice Services.”

Cricket offers its customers unlimited value, with no contracts or credit checks, and a range of service plans. Cricket services include unlimited anytime minutes, unlimited U.S. long distance, unlimited text and picture messaging, unlimited Mobile Web access, international long distance, and calling features such as voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, and 3-way calling.

Media Contacts: Cricket Communications, Inc. Greg Lund, Media Relations 858-882-9105 Bock Communications, Inc. Jessica Levy 714-292-2990