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CDMA450 In the News Archive 2010

CDG/CDMA In the News

ZTE Wins Polish CDMA Network Expansion Contract
By Cellualar News Staff, September 14, 2010  

CNT to Deploy 17,400 CDMA 450 Lines During September
By BN Americas, September 3, 2010  

CDG Working To Convince Goverment To Use CDMA 450 To Boost Rural Connectivity
By By Juan Pedro Tomás, June 15, 2010

Nordisk Poland Awards Expansion Contract to Huawei
By Cellular News, May 31, 2010

Brazilian Adoption of CDMA 450 Would Be A Shot in the Arm
By BN Americas, May 28, 2010  

Russia’s SkyLink Latest Carrier To Adopt Rev. B
By Caroline Gabriel, May 19, 2010 

NetAachen Launches CDMA450 Based Internet Services in Dueren
By Infotech Spotlight, May 13, 2010

Implementation of CDMA450 in North Kazakhstan
By Cellular News, August 5, 2009

Qualcomm: China Telecom To Revitalize CDMA Technology
By Patrick Nixon, December 4, 2008

Diallog Acquires Nationwide CDMA450 License In Pakistan
By Cellular News Staff, February 28, 2008

02 Czech Republic Upgrades CDMA Network To Rev A
By Cellular News Staff, February 6, 2008