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ESN and UIMID Exhaust
Friday, March 7, 2008

The CDMA Development Group (CDG) hosted a live, interactive webcast on Friday, March 7, to discuss Electronic Serial Numbers (ESN) and User Identification Module Identifiers (UIMID) exhaustion, a critical issue currently faced by CDMA operators.

The webcast addressed all aspects of the migration from ESNs to Mobile Equipment Identifiers (MEID), and from UIMID to Extended User Identification Module Identifiers (EUIMID). This is an urgent issue because ESNs and UIMIDs are expected to be exhausted by the middle of 2008.

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Topics of discussion included:
• Background on ESN and UIMID migration to MEID and EUIMID
• Status on the effort by TIA to provide additional ESNs and UIMIDs
• Impact of MEID and EUIMID on ANSI-41 networks
• Technical considerations – terminals and networks
• Operational considerations – terminals and networks
• Provisioning, billing, back-end or operation support systems
• Standards updates
• Next steps for operators and vendors


James Person, Chief Operating Officer, CDG


Bill Dahnke, Representing CDG

David Crowe, Expert Consultant



Transition From ESNs to MEIDs Live Webcast

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