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CDG Seminars 2002

Papers Delivered at Industry Events

CDG Technology Forum, October 1, 2002, Hyatt Regency San Franciso Airport


Why Smart Antennas & Subscriber Device Based Enhancements Are Important to Wireless Service Providers
By Tom Crook, Director, Technology, Sprint and Dean Prochaska, Director, Sprint

Advantages of AABS Smart Antenna Technology
By Alejandro Martínez-Muñoz, CDMA BTS Product Manager, Nortel Network

Intelligent Antennas and BLAST for CDMA2000 Networks
By Paul Polakos, Director, Wireless Advanced Technology Lab, Bell Labs / Lucent Technologies

Use of Smart Antennas in a Mixed CDMA2000 Voice and Data Environment
By Eduardo Cocozza, Strategic Marketing Manager, Motorola and Dr. Colin D. Frank, Advanced Radio Technologies Research, Motorola

The Evolution Of Smart Antennas To 3G
By Marty Feuerstein, Chief Technology Officer, Metawave

Adaptive Array Technology in CDMA2000 Basestations and Terminals
By Athos Kasapi, CTO, IntelliCell Group, ArrayComm

Mobile Terminal Antenna Diversity Processing
By Michael Orr, VP Business Development, Innovics Wireless, Inc.

Mobile Receive Diversity in CDMA2000 - Simulation and Field Test Results
By Parag Agashe, Staff Engineer, Qualcomm and Roy Davis, Engineering Director, Qualcomm Inc.

CDMA Capacity Evolution – Mobile Receive Diversity
By Adam Gould, CTO, CDMA, Nokia Mobile Phones

A Three-Step Approach to CDMA2000 Network Capacity Enhancement
By Dr. Joseph Shapira, CEO, Celletra

Distributed Cell Site Architecture
By Miguel Cizin, CEO, Celerica, Inc.

Interference Solutions - Improve Performance Realize New Traffic
By Ted Meyers, Vice President, Business Development, ISCO International

3G World Congress, June 10-14, 2002, Hong Kong

Looking ahead - prospects for the global 3G marketplace
By Brian O'Shaughnessy, President, CDMA Development Group

Latin America Regional Conference, April 17-18, 2002, Sao Paulo, Brazil

CDMA in Latin America, The Present And The Future
By Brian O'Shaughnessy, President, CDMA Development Group

3G Reality Check: SK Telecom's CDMA20000 Experience
By Changmoon Han, Manager, Access Network Development Team, SK Telecom

3G Reality Check: Sprint PCS and 3G: Making Wireless Data Bigger, Faster, Better
By John Dubois, Director, International Business Development, Sprint PCS

3G Reality Check: The Brazilian Experience
By Luis Avelar, Vice President Wireless Data And Development, Telesp

State of 3G Spectrum: O Estado do Espectro de 3G - CITEL
By Mindel De La Torre, President, Telecommunications Management Group, Inc.

State of 3G Spectrum: Estado Del Espectro Para 3G En Los Paises Andinos
By Marco Solano, Advisor to the Secretary General, ASETA

State of 3G Spectrum: A Global View on Spectrum for IMT-2000
By Fabio Leite, IMT-2000 Project Manager, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

Evaluating Migration Paths for TDMA Operators
By Dave Berndt, Director, Wireless Mobile Technologies, The Yankee Group

Evaluating Migration Paths For TDMA Operators
By Tugrul Sengul, Senior Manager, Product and Technical Marketing, Ericsson

CDMA2000 Overlay: Economic Aspects
By Carlos Henrique Pegurier, Director, Business Development Wireless Segment, Lucent Technologies

Implementing CDMA in TDMA Networks: 3G is CDMA, CDMA is 3G- TDMA Transition to 3G
By Dave Brewer, VP Planning & Engineering, BellSouth International

Implementing CDMA in TDMA Networks: Leveraging the success of CDMA
By Anil Barot, Senior Marketing Manager, Motorola - Global Telecom Solutions Sector

Maximizing Capacity, Coverage & Performance With CDMA2000: SmartCom PCS
By Wuilian Salamanca, Engineering Manager, SmartCom PCS

Maximizing Capacity, Coverage & Performance With CDMA2000
By Steve Searles, VP, CDMA/TDMA Marketing, Nortel Networks

China CDMA Test Forum, March 6, 2002, Beijing, China

CDG Mobile Station Certification Process
By Thom Erickson, Leader, CDG Mobile Station Certification Team

CDG System Test Processes & Future Test Forums
By John Fessler, Leader, CDG System Test Team

Testing processes on CDMA Equipment in China
Wei Ran, Director of MTNet Lab, RITT

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