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CDMA2000/LTE Workshop

CDMA2000® has been a very successful 3G technology, with 276 operators in 102 countries and territories serving more than 463 million subscribers. Today it leads 3G in terms of performance, affordability and adoption, and will continue to do so well into the future. With an elegant evolution path to faster and faster data rates and capacity efficiency, CDMA2000 provides a strong basis from which operators can grow their core 3G systems.

The technology also provides a strong base from which to expand to complementary 4G technologies. In fact, many CDMA operators will be the first to augment their existing core networks with 4G OFDM-based systems. Much of this has to do with the remarkable success they have had with 3G and CDMA in particular.

CDMA systems will continue to offer ubiquitous high performance mobile broadband and voice services with a defined evolution path, while OFDM solutions will augment CDMA2000 capacity by leveraging wider bandwidths in high-teledensity areas.

The CDMA Development Group (CDG) is offering this workshop to:

  • provide insight into the enhancements to the CDMA2000 evolution path
  • share how LTE will be integrated into CDMA2000 networks, and
  • reinforce that CDMA2000 operators can deploy LTE directly, without having to switch evolution paths.

Featuring leading infrastructure vendors Airvana, Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, Motorola, Qualcomm and ZTE, the workshop is targeted at industry analysts, journalists, operators and vendors.



Perry LaForge, Executive Director, CDG

  • Welcome

Strategic Overview
Joe Lawrence, Vice President, Marketing, CDG

  • Introduction to next-generation mobile broadband services
  • Complementary nature of CDMA2000 and LTE

Update on EV-DO Rev. B
Harjot Saluja, Director, Product Management, Airvana

  • Implementation
  • Benefits
  • Market update: equipment availability, planned deployments, etc.

CDMA2000 1X Enhancements
Dave Readman, Director, Global Business Development, ZTE

  • Capacity improvements
  • Benefits

EV-DO Enhancements
Eduardo Esteves, Senior Director, Technical Marketing, Qualcomm

  • Smart networks
  • New device features
  • Heterogeneous networks
  • Advanced antenna techniques

Factors Driving LTE Adoption
Anil Barot, Director, Broadband Strategy & Device Alliance Ecosystem, Motorola

  • Network capacity considerations
  • Services expected to drive demand for additional capacity

Perspectives on LTE for CDMA2000 Operators
Sarvesh Sharma, Director, Network Solutions, Huawei

  • Market demand considerations
  • Spectrum considerations
  • Timeline

CDMA2000/LTE Interoperability
Joe Tarallo, Director, Base Station Systems Engineering and RF Technology, Alcatel-Lucent

  • LTE access networks
  • SAE core networks

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