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2008 3G CDMA Africa and Middle East Regional Conference

March 12-14, 2008
The Pavilion, BMW Centre, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa


CDMA in Africa
By Bill Hearmon, Chairman, African CDMA Forum

3G CDMA2000 Worldwide Market Overview
By James Person, COO, CDMA Development Group

IA 450 Merits, Successes and Challenges in Africa
By Tina Radford, Chairman IA450

Wireless Data in Africa - The Next Frontier
By Pertti Johansson, President, Middle East & Africa, Qualcomm

Initiatives for Roaming in Africa
By Bill Dahnke, Strategic Programs, Representing CDG

Roaming in Sudatel
By Ihab I. Osman, COO, Sudatel

How To Ensure QoS in CDMA 2000 EVDO Rev A Systems
By Dr. Y.S. Rao, Vice President Technology, ESG, Qualcomm

CDMA2000 Mobile Broadband Demystified
By Gajinder Singh Vij, Director Technical Marketing, Qualcomm

Case Study - Launching EVDO in Emerging Markets
By Paul Edwards, Chairman, Starcomms

1xEV-DO Revision A
By Amrit Heer, Director of CDMA Business Development for Europe/Middle East/Africa, Nortel

VAS Services in CDMA Networks
By Magatho Mello, Managing Director, IST Telecom

Leading Towards the Convergence World Over DO Rev. A
By Michael Lee, Chief Engineer in Wireless Marketing Dept., Sub-Saharan Region, Huawei

CDMA450 in the Scandinavian Market
By Tina Radford, Representing Nordisk Mobiltelefon

Open Market Device Initiatives
By David Hind, Vice President, Global Handset Requirements for CDMA (GHRC)

Mobile Device Automated Testing and Certification: Profit or Peril, Pain vs. Gain
By Frans Couperus, Director Global Sales, Marketing, Business Development, w2bi

Mobile Broadband Comparison
By James Person, COO, CDG

Mobile Financial Services: The Role of the Mobile Phone in Emerging Markets
By Michèle Scanlon, Principal Consultant, Green Giraffe Consulting

Telecom Financing in Africa: An IFC Perspective
By Olivier Noel, IFC Johannesburg