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Exploring Mobile Broadband Opportunities - Agenda

Workshop 3: Exploring Mobile Broadband Opportunities
Mobility World Congress
Monday, 3 December 2007
Hong Kong



Welcome and Market Dynamics: An insight into the industry and market dynamics that are driving the evolution to advanced broadband technologies and services – with an emphasis on lessons learned
Joe Lawrence, Vice President, Marketing, CDMA Development Group (CDG)

9:30 Deployment Experience: Sprint will share details of their Rev. A deployments (network, services offered, successes, challenges) and future plans
Teresa Kellett, Director, Global Development, Sprint (USA)
10:00 Mobile Broadband Solutions: An overview and comparison of existing and planned mobile broadband solutions based on 3GPP2, 3GPP and IEEE standards
Ravi Kalavakunta, Director, Corporate Marketing, Qualcomm
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Mobile Broadband Performance Comparisons: An overview of the study that compared mobile broadband solution performance
Joe Lawrence, Vice President, Marketing, CDG
11:30 Network Evolution for CDMA OperatorsOverview of the network infrastructure elements incorporated into the next-generation mobile broadband solution with focus on revenue-generating services and the interface of the evolved network with legacy nodes
Danny Locklear, Director, Mobility Access Product Marketing, Nortel
12:00 Air Interface Technology Advancements: A description of the advanced radio antenna techniques, control and signalling mechanisms incorporated into next-generation solutions – with a focus on their evolutionary interface with legacy networks and existing revenue-generating services
Jingnong Lu, Director, Market Plan, Marketing Operations Department, Huawei
12:30 Lunch
2:00 CDMA Femtocells: A description of how to support new and evolving indoor radio environments and the advantages of CDMA for femtocells – with a look at their application in emerging markets
George Huang, Managing Director, Greater China, Airvana
2:30 Market Opportunities: A description of new and enhanced mobile broadband services and applications enabled by the family of CDMA2000 advanced broadband solutions – with a focus on their ability to generate revenue in mature and emerging markets
Anil Barot, Director, CDMA Portfolio, Motorola
3:00 Coffee Break
3:30 Business Advantages: An overview of the ecosystem, network capacity, economic performance, flexible deployment scenarios, device availability, economies of scale, time-to-market advantage, mobility performance, etc.
Ed Chao, Vice President, CDMA Product Management, Alcatel-Lucent
4:00 Deployment Experience: Starcomms will share details of their Rev. A deployments (network, services offered, successes, challenges) and future plans
Paul Edwards, Chairman, Starcomms (Nigeria)
4:30 Discussion/Q&A
5:00 End of Workshop