CDMA Technology
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3G CDMA Middle East and North Africa Regional Conference
3G: Enabling Phone and Broadband Access for All
Marrakesh, Morocco
May 3-4, 2007
Thursday, May 3, 2007
Welcome Address
Taieb Debbagh, General Secretary, DEPITTI
CDMA2000 Worldwide Market Overview
Steve Falk, Vice President, Technology & Advocacy, CDMA Development Group

Why Wana Selected CDMA2000
Karim Zaz, CEO, Wana

3G Evolution
Joe Lawrence, Vice President, Marketing, CDMA Development Group
ZTE: 3G Device Overview
Moses Zheng, Director of CDMA Marketing, ZTE

CDMA2000 Market Applications
Teresa Kellett, Director, Global Development & Technology Advocacy, Sprint Nextel

CDMA2000 for Broadband Wireless Access
Luigi Gasparollo, QUALCOMM

LG: Insight Into 3G Devices
Suh Jung Mo, Senior Manager in Marketing, LG

3G Technology Roadmap
Gajinder Vij, Director, Technical Marketing, Qualcomm
Applications and Services
Gajinder Vij, Director, Technical Marketing, Qualcomm

Fulfilling Demand for Rural Communications
Frank Mulholland, Director, Sales and Business Development, Alcatel-Lucent


Friday, May 4, 2007

Welcome Remarks
Dr. Abdelfattah Carif Chefcha Ouni, Director, INPT

Wana’s Experience
Isabelle Hajri, Director of Marketing, Wana

Total Cost of Ownership: CDMA2000 Competitive Advantage
Paul Edwards, Chairman and CEO, Starcomms, Nigeria

Samsung: Insight Into 3G Devices
Changho Park, Senior Manager, Middle East Africa Export Group, Samsung

Mobile TV
Ali Zamiri, Senior Manager, QUALCOMM Incorporated, MediaFLO

Mobile Application Solutions: An Operator’s Experience
Victor Stan, Chief Technology Officer, Zapp Mobile

Global Device Aggregation Efforts
David Hind, Vice President, CDMA Development Group

3G for All: Wrap-up Discussion
Steve Falk, Moderator
Leading 3G Operators and Device Vendors