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CTIA Wireless 2007 Special Interest Seminar: Ultra Mobile Broadband

March 27, 2007
County Convention Center, Room 303 A/B

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About the Seminar:
Leading wireless industry companies presented a comprehensive overview of Ultra Mobile Broadband™ (UMB), now considered one of the best performing OFDMA-based mobile broadband solutions available to the industry. The workshop introduced UMB’s potential market opportunities, technology and business advantages, superior performance characteristics, scalable IP network architecture, deployment options, and expected applications and services.

UMB offers significantly higher data rates and reduced latencies that sets it apart from other OFDMA-based wireless technologies. Seminar provided a better understanding of UMB’s capabilities, advantages and implementation strategies.   

Seminar Topics and Presenters:

Time Topic Presenter
1:30 Welcome James Person, Chief Operating Officer, CDG
1:40 Mobile Broadband Introduction Brian Modoff, Managing Director, Senior Wireless Equipment Analyst, Deutsche Bank Securities
1:55 Technology Overview and Timeline UMB Technology Overview and Roadmap
Eduardo Esteves, Senior Director, Technical Marketing, QUALCOMM
2:10 UMB Deployment Options UMB Deployment Options
Anit Lohtia, Director, Next Generation Air Interface Technologies, Nortel
2:25 UMB Technology Features Ultra Mobile Broadband: New Access Technology for NGMN
Donglin Shen, Vice President, Wireless Technology, ZTE
2:40 Devices for UMB Mobile Broadband Mobile Broadband Devices and UMB
Dr. In-Kyung Kim, Vice President, Research and Design, LGE
2:55 Break
3:10 UMB Performance UMB Performance and Huawei Evolution Strategy
Jane Wan, Director, Marketing, Huawei
3:25 Applications & Services On the Road to UMB End User Services: On the Road to Ultra Mobile Broadband
Pepe Lastres, Director, Marketing, Motorola
3:40 UMB Next Generation Network UMB and Next Generation Services
Mike Hobby, Director, CDMA Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent
3:55 UMB Services and Applications UMB Application and Services
Toshiro Suzuki, Senior Vice President, Mobile System Development, Hitachi
4:10 Q&A All
4:30 Wrap-Up James Person, Chief Operating Officer, CDG


About UMB:
Ultra Mobile Broadband (UMB) is the brand name to identify and promote next-generation products and services that will be supported by the next air interface evolution of the family of CDMA2000 standards that was defined by the 3GPP2 Systems Requirements Document (SRD) and its Technology Evolution Framework (TEF) for 3GPP2 networks.  UMB represents a major breakthrough in the evolution of CDMA2000.  It is a total solution that combines the best aspects of CDMA, TDM, LS-OFDM, OFDM, and OFDMA in a single air interface using sophisticated and highly optimized control and signaling mechanisms.  It also incorporates advanced antenna techniques such as Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) and Space Division Multiple Access (SDMA).  The combination of these techniques, and many other technological advancements, enables UMB to economically support a large selection of advanced, high-performance, IP-based, concurrent and converged services that require extremely low latencies, low jitter, and improved spectral efficiencies.

Participating Companies: