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CDMA450 Workshop

June 6, 2006
Sofitel Plaza, Hanoi, Vietnam


Global Update Of CDMA2000 And CDMA450
By George Mansho, Vice President, CDG

Update On The CDMA450 Development Worldwide
By Vadim Belyavskiy, Chairman, IA 450

Market Opportunities For CDMA450
By Duncan Clark, Chairman, Managing Director, BDA (China) Ltd.

Universal Access: The CDMA450 Alternative
By Joseph Baldesweiler, Product Marketing Manager, Mobility Solutions, Lucent Technologies

CDMA VLE/LE Product Service Differentiation
By Michal Koenig, Vice President, Product Management, Qualcomm

Current Status Of SkyLink Networks In Russia And Experience Of Launching EV-DO in Moscow/St. Petersburg
By Konstantin Kolomensky, Network Development Director, JSC Delta Telecom

A Successful Niche Operator
By Arda Arkun, Zapp

CDMA450 Regulatory Update
By Safwan Zaheer, Chairman, RSWG, IA 450

Advantages Of Fixed Wireless And FMC For The CDMA 450MHz Band
By Lixin Cheng, Chief Sales Officer, President Fixed Wireless Group, Axesstel

Zakang - CDMA450 Devices
By Cali Kim, Zakang

Global Handset Requirements For CDMA (GHRC) Update And Discussion
By Josh Steinman, GHRC

CDMA Certification Forum
By Thom Erickson, Chair, CDMA Certification Forum (CCF)

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