CDMA Technology
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CDG Technology Forum on Improving 3G Network Capacity, Coverage and Quality

April 20, 2006
Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, Burlingame, CA


Interference Cancellation As A Mobile Enhancement To Improve Spectral Efficiency
By Louis Scharf, Chief Scientist, TensorComm

Sprint Nextel Field Trial Of Magnolia’s DiversityPlus Technology For Reverse Link Capacity Improvement
By Sherwin Wang, Vice President, Magnolia Broadband

4GV Technology
By A. Ryan Heidari, Technical Marketing Manager, Qualcomm

Toward Forward Link Interference Cancellation
By Shu Wang, Staff Engineer, LG Electronics

SIP Header Reduction To Support Delay Sensitive Applications
By Haseeb Akhtar, Packet Data Services Expert, Nortel

Impact Of A Digital RF Transmitter
By Dave Bolan, Vice President, Sales, Pulsewave RF

Higher Capacity Through Multiple Beams Using Asymmetric Azimuth Arrays
By Dr. Hafedh Trigui, Senior Systems Engineer, TenXc Wireless

The Value Of Cross-Layer Optimization For 3G Networks
By Krishna Ramadas, Senior Architect, Venturi Wireless

Making Every Bit Count: Optimization And 3G Networks
By Michael Youssefmir, Ph.D., Principal Product Technologist, ByteMobile

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