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2005 CDMA Latin America Regional Conference

April 18, 2005 - CDMA Latin America Operators Roaming Meeting


CDMA Latin America Operators Roaming Meeting
By Bill Dahnke, CDMA Development Group

CDG IRT And Roaming Project Update
By Bill Dahnke, CDMA Development Group

Roaming Agreements: CDMA450 Roaming Conference
By Libby Mackay, Qualcomm

PRL Enhancements Status
By Qualcomm

CDMA + Code Dialing Options
By Libby Mackay, Qualcomm

The Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID)
By David Crowe, Qualcomm

MEID Transition Status Update
By James Person, CDMA Development Group

Roaming Tools
By Libby Mackay and Andrew Hunter

Brief Analysis Of Pseudo-ESN Long Code Collisions
By Frank Quick, Qualcomm

ESN Migration to MEID – Milestones & Timeline

FAQ For ESN Transition From ESN To MEID And UIM

White Paper On Pseudo-ESN Collisions (DRAFT)
By Gary Pellegrino, CommFlow Resources and Frank Quick, Qualcomm

Summary Of Developments At Close Of 4th Industry Conference Call

Example Of 8-bit vs. 14-bits Addressing ESN MFR Code 172, Serial Number 6,291,456

MEID Standards Update, December 3-4, 2005
By David Crowe, Qualcomm

CDG IRT: Inter-CRX Task Force
By Andrew Hunter, Qualcomm

China Unicom MCC/MNC Broadcasting And Full IMSI Operation

By Andrew Hunter, Qualcomm

MEID Update
By Andrew Hunter, Qualcomm

3GPP2 N.S0009-0 Ver 1.0, IMSI

Packet Data Roaming
By Andrew Hunter, Qualcomm

Packet Data Technical Data Sheet
By Bryan Cook, Qualcomm

Update On ESN Exhaustion, Status Of Return/Recovery Efforts And Scenarios Requiring Clear Technical Resolution
By John Derr, TIA Wireless Communications Division and ESN Administrator and Gary Pellegrino, Chair R-45 Ad Hoc ESN/UIM/MEID

Questions Addressed To TIA Relating To ESN Exhaust, ESN Reclamation/Utilization And Migration To MEIDs

MEID Standards Update (Ver 1.7 – August 2004)
By David Crowe, CNP Wireless and Ravindra Patwardhan, Qualcomm

TIA TR-45 ESN Administrator’s Report
By John Derr, TIA

April 18, 2005 - CDMA Americas Roaming Forum

CDG IRT and Roaming Project Update
By Bill Dahnke, Senior Director, CDG

Sprint PCS International Roaming
By Dave Wittekind, International Program Manager, Sprint

Roaming De Prepago Internacional (Spanish)
By Omar Flores, Roaming and Long Distance Director, Unefon

VIVO no Mundo: Revolução no Pricing do Roaming Internacional VIVO (Portuguese)
By Gustavo Nobrega, Roaming Manager, VIVO

Interstandard Roaming: Keep It Simple

By Gustaaf van Ditzhuijzen, Manager International Marketing, Vodafone

CDMA SIM Cards: A Market Overview
By Pura Font, Director, Business Development, Gemplus

International Roaming Made Easy
By Katrina Cashman, International Marketing Manager and Robin Thomas, Syniverse

Interstandard Roaming Services
By Fabio de Almeida, Verisign

Caribbean EV-DO & CDMA Roaming Market: Potential Revenue: 2005-2010
By Jose F. Otero, President, Signals Consulting

The SIM As A Channel To Value Added Services In The CDMA World
By Natalia Fakhri, Sales and Marketing Director, Axalto

April 18, 2005 - CDMA450 Workshop

CDMA2000 Global Update
By George Mansho, Vice President, International Development, CDG

Global Update: CDMA450
By Colin Chandler, Vice Chairman, IA 450

CDMA450 Success Stories

CDMA450 Regulatory Landscape

CDMA450 Devices

EV-DO / WiFi Router For CDMA450
By Soon B. Shin, President & CEO, AnyDATA

Introduction to Axesstel
By Ed Triebell, Vice President, Sales, Axesstel

Qualcomm Chipset Solutions For CDMA450 Markets
By Paulo Breviglieri, Director, Technical Development, Qualcomm

Wide Telecom Company Profile
By Cali Kim, Wide Telecom

April 19, 2005 - Plenary Sessions


CDMA: Leading The Way To 3G In Latin America
By Celedonio von Wuthenau, CDMA Development Group

O Futuro do Serviço Móvel Pessoal (SMP) (Portuguese)
By Jarbas Jose Valente, Superintendent, Private Services, Anatel

Centennial (Spanish)
By Raul Salvado, President, Centennial Dominicana

Applications Driving CDMA Infrastructure Requirements
By Steve Searles, Vice President CDMA Marketing, Nortel

Constructing A Future Oriented CDMA Network In Latin America
By Joao Pedro Flecha de Lima, Vice President, Huawei

Industry Perspective Convergence To 'Value Over IP'
By Luiz Claudio Rosa, Vice President Business Development, Lucent Technologies

Enabling Mobile Broadband Services
By Anil Kripalani, Sr. Vice President, Qualcomm

CDMA Outlook
By Joseph Low, Director Business Unit, Nokia

How To Differentiate With CDMA2000

Mobile-to-Mobile LBS Using gpsOne
By Soon B. Shin, President & CEO, AnyDATA

CDMA2000 Differentiators: Superior Voice & Data Technology
By Stephane LeDreau, Vice President Business Development, Nortel

How to Differentiate With CDMA2000
By Sofia Medina, New Services Manager, Movistar

Future Of 3G In Latin America

O Futuro dos Serviços 3G na América Latina (Portuguese)
By Jarbas José Valente, Superintendent, Private Services, Anatel

O Futuro do 3G na América Latina (Portuguese)
By Francisco Soares, CITEL

Convergencia y Regulacion Una Relacion Tormentosa
By Carlos Hirsch, Regulatory Director, Iusacell

Universal Services

CDMA450: Best Choice For Universal Service
By Jussi Koria, Director, Huawei

Universalizacao do Acesso Banda Larga
By Massato Takakuwa, Manager, Business Development, Lucent Technologies

Desarrollo del Acceso Universal en el Perú (Spanish)
By Dr. Juan Pacheco Romani, Vice Minister of Communications, Peru

CDMA 450 MHz Vision From ZTE
By Cyro Hemsi, CDMA Product Manager, ZTE

April 20, 2005- Plenary (continued)

Keynotes (continued)

CDMA Marketing Strategy Of China Unicom
By William Li, China Unicom

CDMA2000 Device Development, Pricing, Feature Evolution

Desenvolvimento de Dispositivos, Preços Evolução de Recursos (Portuguese)
By Hilton Mendes, Director, Innovation, Products and Services, VIVO

Improving 3G Device Usability With FOTA
By Pablo Argon, Director, Product Strategy, Bitfone

CDMA2000 Device Development
By Jouji Hirai, Senior Manager, Huawei

Desenvolvimento de Dispositivos, Preços e Evolução de Recursos (Portuguese)
By Fabio Castanheira, Sales Director, Kyocera

CDMA2000 Feature Evolution
By Joseph Low, Director CDMA Business Unit, Nokia

Evolução de Recursos & Design (Portuguese)
By Andre Varga, Samsung

By Jose Luciano do Vale, Product & Business Manager

Using CDMA2000 For Fixed Services And Broadband Access

Using CDMA2000 For Fixed Services And Broadband Access
By Ed Triebell, Vice President, Sales, Axesstel

Mercado de Banda Ancha en América Latina (Spanish)
By Diego Bubillo, Research Editor, Convergencia

Integrating Mobile Broaband Into The Triple Play Strategy
By Eduard Eck, Technical Strategy Manager, Eurotel Praha.

CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Business Case And Deployment Experiences

CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Business Case
By Amit Jain, Director, Product Management, Airvana

Nuestra Experiencia con CDMA 1xEV-DO
By Otto Garcia, Movilnet

CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Business Case & Deployment Experiences
By Ruchi Prasad, Director CDMA Product Marketing, Nortel

CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Technology And Services
By Joao Paulo Firmeza, Wireless Data Services And Platforms, Portugal Telecom Inovacao Brasil

CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Business Case
By Jose Augusto, Director, Technology, VIVO

Advanced Services/Applications/Content With CDMA2000 1X And 1xEV-DO - Operator Perspective

Preparing For A Multimedia Future
By Gennady Sirota, Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, Starent Networks

Advanced Services, Applications And Content With CDMA2000 1X And 1xEV-DO
By Sofia Medina, New Services Manager, Movistar

How Differentiate With CDMA20000
By Gerry Flynn, Verizon Wireless

Platform, Content, Applications - Developers Perspective

CDMA2000 Technology Roadmap

CDMA2000 Technology Roadmap
By Roberto S. Freire, Technical Manager, Lucent Technologies

EV-DO Evolution Path
By Eduardo Esteves, Director, Technical Marketing, Qualcomm

CDG Seminars