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CDG Technology Forum on Application Security


Operator Perspectives On Security
By Gerry Flynn, Director, Advanced Technology Strategy/Standards, Verizon Wireless

Advantages Of Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) For Mobile Security
By Gene Wang, Chairman, OTA Flash Forum

MAAWG Wireless Messaging Abuse
By Jerry Upton, Executive Director, Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group

Keeping The Bad Guys Out
By Hanna Tong, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nortel Networks

The Future Of CDMA2000 Security
By Greg Rose, Vice President, Product Security, Qualcomm

Network Security Evolution
By Gabor Bajko, Senior Specialist, Nokia

Security Aspects Of VoIP
By Alec Brusilovsky, Application Engineer, Lucent Technologies

Trusted Platform For Mobile Devices: Challenges And Solutions
By Lily Chen, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Motorola

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