CDMA Technology
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VoIP Summit, San Diego, CA, February 8, 2005

VoIP Standards for CDMA
By Jack Nasielski, Director of Engineering, Qualcomm

Using IMS as a Platform for Introducing Telephony Over 1xEV-DO Rev A
By Anders Lundstrom, Staff Product Manager, Ericsson

Extending User Service Access Using Broadband VoIP
By Justin Aborn, Chief IP Architect, BridgePort Networks

CDMA Systems Evolution to VoIP
By Gino Scribano, Distinguished Member, Technical Staff, Motorola

VoIP Media Processing in CDMA Networks
By Rich Poole, Director, Wireless Business Development, Audiocodes

Choosing the Right Audio Codecs for VoIP Over CDMA2000 Networks: System capacity, voice quality, delay, and transcoding issues
By Sassan Ahmadi, Senior Specialist, DSP and Multimedia Systems, Nokia

VoIP Over 1xEV-DO Revision A
By Robert Kerr, Senior CDMA Product Manager, Nortel Networks

Commercial-Grade VoIP Over 1xEV-DO Rev A
By Vedat Eyuboglu, CTO, Airvana

Carrier Grade VoIP On 1xEV-DO Rev A
By Michael Recchione, Director, Converged Networks and Services Research, Lucent Technologies

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