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2004 CDMA Latin America Regional Conference
May 26, 2004 - CDMA Americas Roaming Forum

Global Roaming
By Andrew Hunter, Director of Engineering Services, International Roaming, Qualcomm

Roaming Billing and Settlement
By Joe Kammerer, Director, Operations, CIBERNET

Voice And Data Roaming
By Mark Fruehan, Chief Business Officer, Incubator, Verisign

Wireless Data Clearinghouse Services
By Ken Hansen, Director, Wireless Data Services, NeuStar

Bringing The Power Of The Smart Card to CDMA
By Caroline Doussot, Marketing Director, Gemplus

Inter-standard Roaming CDMA - GSM
By Gustaaf van Ditzhuijzen, International Marketing Manager, Vodafone Netherlands

May 27, 2004 - Plenary Sessions


Wireless In Brasil
By Antonio Carlos Valente da Silva, Vice President, ANATEL

CDMA2000 Evolution To High-Speed Data
By Steve Searles, Vice President, CDMA/TDMA Marketing, Nortel Networks

Requirements For Succeeding With CDMA2000 In Latin America (Portuguese)
By Victor Agnellini, President, Caribbean and Latin America, Lucent Technologies

Leading The Way With CDMA
By Adam Gould, CTO, CDMA Vice President, Technology Management and Strategy, Nokia

CDMA2000: A Platform for Advanced Services in Latin America

Enabling IP Data Services
By Celine Bak, Vice President, Products, Bridgewater Systems

CDMA2000: A Platform For Advanced Services In Latin America (Portuguese)
By Esteban Diazgranados, Director, Technology and Product Marketing, Lucent Technologies

Advantages Of CDMA2000
By Felix Guanche, Director, Wireless Networks, Nortel Networks

Next Generation Service Opportunities
By Rene Tio, Senior Product Manager, Starent Networks

CDMA2000: A Platform For Advanced Services In Latin America (Portuguese)
By Luis Antonio Baptista, Vice President, Tmais

Providing Voice and Data Services Globally and in the Latin America Market

New Opportunities For CDMA2000 In Latin America
By Wally Swain, Principal Analyst, Yankee Group

The Next Generation Of Personal Multimedia Communications
By Randy Battat, President and CEO, Airvana

Distributed Cell Site Architecture
By Nissim Attias, General Manager and CTO, Celerica, Ltd.

New Opportunities For CDMA2000 Broadband (Data Services) And Public Services
By B.B. Anand, President, Regulatory Affairs, Reliance Infocomm

Providing Voice And Data Services
By Gerry Flynn, Director, Advanced Technology Strategy/Standards, Verizon Wireless

CDMA450 for the Latin America Market

CDMA450 - Best Solution for Universal Services
By Jussi Samuli Koria, Director, Mobile Networks, Huawei

Digital Inclusion Strategies And Offerings To Further Facilitate Access In Brazil (Portuguese)
By Luiz Claudio Rosa, Vice President, Business Development, Lucent Technologies

Developments in CDMA2000 Devices

CDMA Handset Features, Price And Roadmap
By Hilton Mendes, VIVO

Enabler Of Fixed Wireless Broadband
By Lixin Cheng, President, Axesstel Wireless, Inc.

Developments in CDMA2000 Devices
By Louis Antoniou, Audiovox

May 28, 2004 - Plenary (continued) and Interactive Workshops

Keynotes (continued)

Indian Telecom Scene
By B.B. Anand, President, Regulatory Affairs, Reliance Infocomm

By Gustavo Guzman, CEO, IUSACELL

CDMA2000: Enabling Operators to Deliver the Advanced Services Consumers Want

By Romeu Vanuci, Regional Manager QIS, Qualcomm

Wireless Data Service
By Mark D. Fruehan, Chief Business Officer, Incubator, Verisign

CDMA2000: Enabling Operators To Deliver The Advanced Services Consumers Want
By Cyro Hemsi, CDMA Product Manager, ZTE

Disney’s Approach To Mobile Content
By Didier Ghez, Senior Producer, Latin America, Walt Disney Internet Group

New Functionalities Enabled By CDMA2000 And BREW (Portuguese)
By Marcelo Costa de Oliveira, Director of Technology and CTO, TakeNET

Application Developers Workshop

Mobile Applications (Spanish)
By Sofia Medina, New Services Manager, Telefonica del Peru

Ativação de Aplicações Aspectos (Portuguese)
By Sergio Carpenter, CEO, WIZ Technologies

Cupido: Caso de Sucesso Multi-Canal (Portuguese)
By Alexandre Fernandes, Executive Director, Link

Global Perspective On Deploying Application Download Services
By Ilari Nurmi, Director, CDMA Business Unit, Nokia

Telefonica Moviles Peru Case Study (Spanish)
By Sofia Medina, New Services Manager, Telefonica Moviles Peru

MMS Workshop

Accelerating MMS Adoption
By Ruchi Prasad, Director Global CDMA Product Marketing, Nortel Networks

MMS Interoperability Lessons Learned From GSM Operators
By Francisco Kattan, Director of Product Marketing, Openwave Systems

MMS Workshop
By Gerry Flynn, Director, Advanced Technology Strategy/Standards, Verizon Wireless

1xEV: Opportunities in Broadband Workshop

1xEV Opportunities In Broadband Workshop
By Gerry Flynn, Director Network Strategy, Verizon Wireless

1xEV-DV Highlights
By Sami Puukari, Director CDMA Technology Strategy, Nokia

Push-to-Talk Workshop

Delivering Advanced Voice Services Across Networks, Standards And Wireless Carriers
By Craig Farrill, President and CEO, Kodiak Networks

CDG Seminars