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CDMA450 Seminar, Hong Kong, November 19, 2004

CDMA2000 And CDMA450
By James Person, Director, Asia Pacific, CDMA Development Group

Preparatory Activities Aimed At 3G Networks Deployment In Russia
By Vladimir Pavlov, Adviser, 3G Association, Russia

Ericsson CDMA450
By Tarang Shah, CDMA450 Project Lead, Ericsson

Lucent View: CDMA2000 Evolution: CDMA2000 1xEV-DO & Dual Band 450/2100 MHz
By Terry Cheng, Lucent Technologies

Regulatory Policies And Spectrum Requirements For Use Of CDMA In The 450 MHz Band
By Jason Cawley, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Inquam

Ericsson CDMA450 Services
By Tarang Shah, CDMA450 Project Lead, Ericsson

Lucent Technologies CDMA450 Applications
By Amer El-Nahi, Lucent Technologies

PT. Mandara Selular Indonesia Case Study
By Johan Soedibjo, PT. Mandara Selular Indonesia

Delta Telecom Experience: Launch And Commercial Operation of CDMA450 Network In North West Region Of Russia
By Gennady Golant, Deputy CEO and CTO, JSC Delta Telecom

CDMA450 Perspectives In CIS
By Gulyaev Alexander, SkyLink Moscow

Innovative Services Help 450 Operators Grow
By Academus Tian, CIS CDMA Chief Representative, Senior Manager, CDMA Division, ZTE

CDMA450 For Conventional Operator
By Zhiming Li, Huawei

Investor Perspective: CDMA450 In Asia
By Sundeep Bihani, Lehman Brothers

Spreading Success Over Spread Spectrum
By Lixin Chen, President, Axesstel Wireless

Break Through The Bottleneck Of CDMA450 Terminals
By Shaobo Zhang, Huawei

CDMA Roaming & 450 MHz
By Sara Aab, Product Manager, Engineering Services, Qualcomm

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