CDMA Technology
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2004 CDMA Test Forum, September 29-30, 2004

Testing c2K Mobile Stations Using A Digitally Generated Faded Signal
By Paul Dohrman, Customer Education Engineer, Agilent Technologies

Cascaded Repeater For CDMA
By Richard Dean, Vice President, Engineering, Qualcomm

Measuring And Increasing Network Capacity Using Synthesized 'Over-the-Air' Subscriber Load
By Todd Sankey, Chief Technology Officer, Dynative System Inc.

Performance Testing Of Wireless Devices Using Efficient Probe Array Technologies
By Per Iversen, Director, U.S. Operations, Satimo

3G Service Present New Challenges For Network Performance Evaluation
By Dr. Irina Cotanis, Principal Engineer, Ericsson

The Changing Landscape Of Optimization In CDMA Networks
By Wayne Newitts, Business Development Manager, Network Diagnostics, Americas, Tektronix

Data Performance And Applications Testing
By Ilias Zervos, CPE Evaluation and Development, Verizon Wireless

Mobile Certification And Acceptance Testing: Panel
By Mark Sargent, Director, Certification Programs, CTIA

Standardization Of Field Performance Measurement Method For Acceptance Testing
By Greg Twitty, R&D Project Manager, Nokia Mobile Phones

Evaluating CDMA2000 VoIP PTT Handsets And Networks
By Denis Ledgerwood, Product Manager, Performance Analysis Wireless, Spirent Communications

Push-To-Talk Testing
By Thomas Hodgens, Chief Technical Officer, Product Quality Partners

CDMA2000 Quality Of Experience (QoE) Analysis Methods
By Ronen Hovav, Cellular Solutions Product Manager, RADCOM

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