CDMA Technology
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CDMA450 Evolution Seminar: Technology, Services, Standards

3GPP2 Overview
By Dr. Hideo Okinaka, Chair, 3GPP2 Steering Committee, KDDI

International 450 Association
By Colin Chandler, Vice Chairman, International 450 Association

Worldwide Success of CDMA2000: Benefits To Operators In 450 MHz
By Sam Samra, Director, Technical Programs, CDG

Service Evolution In CDMA450
By Zhiming Li, Huawei

Partnering With KCC: The Killer Application For CDMA450 Network
By Alan Or, ZTE

Cellular Communication Of The New Generation
By Serguei Padanaev, KCC, Tian Feng and Alan Or, ZTE

Zapp Case Study
By Victor Stan, CTO, Telemobil

450 MHz Overview
By Frank Mulholland, Director, CDMA Europe, Sales and Business Development, Lucent Technologies

CDMA450 Core Network
By Betsy Kidwell, Chair, 3GPP2 TSG-X, Lucent Technologies

TSG-C Overview
By Dr. Edward G. Tiedemann, Chair, TSG-C Working Group 3, Qualcomm

CDMA2000's Position Among Other Wireless Technologies For WAN/MAN/LAN/PAN
By Vera Kripalani, Sr. Director, Qualcomm

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