CDMA Technology
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International CDMA450 Conference, April 21-22, 2004, Shenzhen, China


Realizing The Potential Of Broadband Wireless With CDMA450
By Anil Kripalani, Senior Vice President, Global Technology Marketing, Qualcomm

Market Overview Of CDMA2000
By Monty Simus, Marketing Director, Asia-Pacific, CDG

Win With CDMA450
By Du Yeqing, Director, Huawei Technologies

Benefits Of CDMA450
By Peter C. Gorham, Business Development Director, Lucent Technologies

CDMA450 In Europe: Flexible Solutions For Operators
By Luigi Gasparollo, V.P. Managing Director, Europe and MENA, Qualcomm

Stages Of Successful Development Of CDMA450 Network (SKYLINK) In Russia
By Gennady Golant, Technical Director, Delta Telecom

Implementation Of The CDMA450 Platform In Georgia
By Tinatin Margalitadze, Shareholder and General Manager, Iberiatel Ltd.

Inquam 450
By Paul Calcott, Inquam

Deployment Of CDMA450 Network In Moscow And Moscow Region
By Kiril Barov, Deputy General Director/Technical Director, Moscow Cellular Communications

ZTE Trunking Service - The Killer Application For CDMA450 Networks
By James Jiang, General Manager, ZTE Corporation

Russia On The Way To 3G: Prospects Of Implementation
By Andrey I. Skorodumov, Executive Director, 3G Association

Advantage Of CDMA450: An Investor Perspective
By Alan Hellawell, Lehman Brothers

Wireless Data Applications For CDMA Networks
By James Shen, Sr. Director Of Business Development, Qualcomm

The Second Coming Of Fixed Wireless
By Lixin Cheng, President, Axesstel

Introduction To Pantech & Curitel - CDMA450
By Dr. Sang Cheol Han, VP, International Business Asia & Europe Division, Sales & Marketing, Curitel

Wide Selection Of CDMA450 Terminals
By Benjamin Peng, Vice President, Huawei Technologies

Synertek Roadmap
By Stephan Yum, Marketing Manager, Synertek

International 450 Association
By Colin Chandler, Vice Chairman, International 450 Association

Information Communication: Leading China, Tibet Telecom To The Universal Services
By Li XiaoHua, General Manager, China Telecom Group Tibet Telecom Corp.

Customer Oriented CDMA450 Networks
By Qie Chen, Chief Engineer of CDMA Solutions, Huawei

CDMA Applications & Services
By Stephane Le Dreau, Vice President CDMA EMEA, Nortel Networks

Inter-working For Multimedia Applications
By Lin Zhou, Director, CDMA Product Management, Ericsson

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