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3rd Annual CDMA Global Roaming Symposium (CGR), December 11-12, 2003, Hotel InterContinental Miami, Miami FL


By James Person, Director, Asia-Pacific Programs, CDG

Global Roaming From Sprint
By Wes Coffindaffer, Director Intercarrier Services, Sprint

Global Roaming Service In Korea And Future Issues
By Hanjoo Kim, Team Manager, IITA

Roaming CDMA Latin America Perspective
By Omar Flores, Roaming Director, Unefon

International Roaming Business Overview
By Andy Bermudez, Manager, Strategy Finance, Qualcomm

Interstandard Roaming TDMA/CDMA - GSM
By Gustaaf L.G. can Ditzhuijzen, Manager, International Marketing, Vodafone Netherlands

CDG International Roaming Team Activities
By Terry Yen, CDG Roaming Team Leader

PRL Enhancements For International Roaming
By Andrew Hunter, Director, Engineering, Qualcomm

International Roaming Fraud Trends & Prevention Techniques
By David Lloyd, Director, Product Management, Fair Isaac

SK Telecom Roaming Business
By Steve Lee, Manager, SK Telecom

Wireless Data Clearinghouse Services
By Mark Denton, Director, Product Management, Bridgewater Systems and Ken Hansen, Director, Wireless Data Services, NeuStar

MMS Interworking for CDMA Operators
By Shu Gan, Director, Marketing, Aicent

Driving New Revenue Streams
By Avnish Chauhan, VP Product Management, Roamware

Challenges In Roaming: A Handset Vendor's Perspective
By Adam Gould, CTO, Nokia

KTF Interstandard Roaming Status
By Andrew Song, International Roaming Manager, KT Freetel

Roaming Experience As A Solution Provider
By Stephen Kim, Assistant Manager, Overseas, Softeleware

Introduction to J-STD-038-B Letter Ballot: Network Interworking Between GSM MAP and ANSI-41
By Doug Rollender, Lucent Technologies

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