CDMA Technology
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CDG Technology Forum on Wi-Fi, October 2, 2003, Omni Mandalay Hotel at Las Colinas, Irving, Texas


CDMA/Wi-Fi Integration; A Carrier's Perspective
By Aaron McKee, Sprint Business Development & Strategy, Sprint

Enabling Multi-Access Services With The Always Best Connected Concept
By Magnus Gunnarsson, Director of Product Management, Ericsson

Seamless Mobile VPN for CDMA2000 and Wi-Fi Users
By Peretz Feder, Technical Manager, Lucent Technologies

Nortel Networks & Wireless: Seamless Wireless Mobility
By Tony Janssen, Senior Product Manager, Nortel Networks

CDMA and WLAN Convergence Improving User Experience
By Walid Hosseini, Senior Specialist, Nokia

Evolution of WLAN Roaming Services
By Donald M. Fye, Consulting Technologist, TSI Telecommunication Services Inc.

Roaming Among and Between WLAN Hotspots and CDMA2000
By Soma Santhiveeran, Sr. Product Manager/Technologist, Openwave

Seamless - Yet Secure - Hotspot Roaming
By Steve Reyes, Product Management and Development, VeriSign

WiFi-CDMA2000 Roaming: Meeting End-User Requirements
By Chris Hofstaedter, Director of Engineering, Padcom, Inc.

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