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Meet Asia's newest business communications group.

Asia Inc is a premier regional business magazine in Asia, and the proud winner of the prestigious Citibank Pan-Asia Journalism Award for Business Reporting award three years in succession. Now under new management, Asia Inc continues to tell the extraordinary stories of business in Asia through the people who make it happen - the best and brightest in Asian business today.

In January 1998, the wireless communications industry saw the debut of a truly unique source of information. The creators of the leading U.S. wireless communications publication, RCR, launched Global Wireless, a publication that communicates with a truly global mind-set by providing solid international information featuring in-region editorial coverage. Global Wireless provides analysis, data and news on international wireless markets, the wireless internet, industry players, technology trends and product developments. Focused on the mobile wireless segment of the industry, it covers cellular, mobile data, mobile satellite, paging, PCS, trunked radio, wireless local loop and related services. Global Wireless is written for the world's wireless network operators and serves as a business reference tool for key decision makers at those companies, giving them specialized information for business planning in local markets, regionwide and worldwide.

The wireless telecommunications industry is changing at an unprecedented pace. Today more than ever, wireless executives need timely, un-biased, pertinent news about industry events that affect their livelihoods. Since 1981, RCR has met this challenge, offering a mix of breaking news and in-depth analysis into the issues that mold today's wireless telecommunications environment. RCR is the only wireless publication with reporters assigned to specific industry beats, such as cellular, PCS and paging.

RCR targets its news stories to executive-level employees at leading wireless telecom operators. Stories are assigned and edited with these executives in mind. Hence, you won't see an article about a manufacturer written by someone employed by that manufacturer and placed next to that manufacturer's advertisement in the pages of RCR.

Telecom Asia is the world's leading magazine for the Asian telecom professional. It gives readers the latest information on business, technological and regulatory developments in the Asia Pacific telecommunications' community. The magazine delivers the highest qualified subscriber database in the region, and reaches more subscribers in the key areas of Asia Pacific than any other telecom publication in the region. It monitors the region's telecom developments and gives industry professionals the information needed to operate effectively in a rapidly changing market.

Wireless Asia was the first magazine in Asia to provide specialist coverage of the region's fastest-growing telecom sector. The burgeoning of new technology solutions such as LMDS, GPRS, WAP and broadband satellite have made it essential reading for wireless executives. Now, as we are poised on the cusp of the wireless Internet revolution, the region's cellular and satellite professionals more than ever before need access to first-class news and information.




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