Repeater Technologies offers the first Over-the-Air Network Repeater™ with patent pending receive diversity designed for CDMA offering 7 watts of power per carrier. Offered in the 850 and 1900 MHz cellular and PCS bands respectively, these are channelized with up to 2 channel capacity and meet IS95/97 and J-STD-008 industry requirements. The diversity feature allows network performance standards of less than 2% FER to be met in both the forward and reverse directions.

A Network Repeater can be deployed in a RepeaterHybrid™ Network, which is a combination of repeaters and base stations working together to provide full coverage and optimal capacity in low population density areas and rural highways. Since repeaters are lower in cost than a base station and have no backhaul switching requirements, significant network-wide cost savings can be achieved over an all base station deployment.

For in-building coverage, Repeater Technologies offers OfficeCell™, a single-mode fiber distributed antenna system. Up to 16 remotes can be supported by one hub. The remote units feature +12 dBm of output power at the antenna port.

Both product families can be deployed in a RepeaterHybrid™ Network management systems. To learn more visit the company's web site at

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