Nortel Networks is a global leader in telephony, data, eBusiness, and wireless solutions for the Internet. Today, Nortel Networks is creating a high performance, profitable Internet that is more reliable and faster than ever before, redefining the economics and quality of networking and the Internet through Unified Networks which promises a new era of collaboration, communications and commerce.

As the fastest growing CDMA provider in 1999, Nortel Networks provides an extensive and impressive CDMA portfolio, supporting solutions for both 2G and 3G voice and high-speed data applications as well as evolution of the network to a core packet-based, IP architecture. Nortel Networks has built more than 140 CDMA networks around the world, including systems in Canada, South America, China, Australia and the United States for over 30 customers.

Nortel Networks believes that our continued success can only come by first making our customers successful. Nortel Networks is committed to providing our customers with the smoothest and most-cost effective solutions for next generation 1XRTT and 3XRTT Wireless Internet services, supporting our customers for their wireless voice and data networking needs of the future.

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