Conference Day 4: Friday 16 June 2000



CDMA Wireless Academy: Fundamentals of CDMA for new market entrants

Workshop W1 - Monday 12 June 2000

Workshop instructor:
Renny E. Badra, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) & Consultant, CDMA Wireless Academy

This introductory workshop explores the main characteristics of the cdmaOne (TIA/EIA-95B) air interface. The topics include spread spectrum techniques, TIA/EIA-95B physical layer, power control, handoff, coverage and capacity enhancements.

A thorough discussion of orthogonal (Walsh) and pseudorandom (PN) codes is also provided.

Agenda - key topics addressed include:
1. Structure of wireless networks
2. Principles of spread spectrum
3. Forward link and reverse link code channel generation
4. Requirements for power control in the forward and reverse link
5. Open loop, closed loop and outer loop power control algorithms
6. Soft handoff procedures and the parameters that impact handoff
7. Wireless mobile channel characteristics
8. Air link capacity of a cdmaOne system
9. Link budget calculations

About the CDMA Wireless Academy:

CDMA Wireless Academy's mission is to provide high quality, timely, cost effective training and documentation services to the wireless communications industry. The Academy specializes in CDMA technology and emerging third-generation standards, and has established a diverse client base of well known wireless communication industry giants.

The management team comprises individuals with over 45 years of experience in managing technology operations for wireless communications industries. The Academy's President, Bob Roth was the founder and Director of Qualcomm's CDMA University.

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