Conference Day 2: Wednesday 14 June 2000



Opening remarks from the Chair
Craig Farrill, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone AirTouch


Strategic technology issues for wireless operators in moving beyond voice to the mobile multimedia world
Craig Farrill, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone AirTouch

  9.30 Perspective from Korea:
Dr. Joo-Young Song, Head of Internet Business Division, KT Freetel, Korea

Roundtable: Delivering mobile packet data and multimedia services over IP networks

  • Why is IP important?
  • What wireless IP architectures and platforms are being considered?
  • Opportunities and challenges in moving towards unified IP-based core networks
  • What products will be available and when?

Craig Farrill
, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone AirTouch

Dale Eliason
, Product Manager, Wireless, 3Com
Gwenn Larsson, Director, Technical Marketing, Ericsson
Bruce Case, Technical Consultant, InterNetworking, Service Provicer Networks, Lucent Technologies
Bill Payne, Director, Network Standards and Advanced Technologies, Network Solutions Sector, Motorola
Emmanuel Sauquet, Directos, Product Solutions Asia, Nortel Networks
Kimberly Kleber, Director, Product Marketing, Qualcomm


Morning coffee & refreshments


Convergence of the anytime / anywhere wireless Internet
Eric Graves, Vice President, Telecommunications Solutions, Telecommunications Line of Business, Compaq


New world mobile wireless architecture
Edward Paradise, Vice President & General Manager, Mobile Wireless BU, Cisco


Next generation wireless IP networks - from here to IP telephony

Nick Lopez, Senior Product Manager, Wireless, 3Com


The role for network intelligence in 3G mobile systems

  • Network architecture options
  • Virtual home environment

Dr. Joachim Doehner, Director, Product Line CDMA, Alcatel

  12.40 Lunch - sponsored by
  1.55 Opening remarks from the Chair
Maurie Dobbin, Managing Director, TeleResources, Australia

How are CDMA operators planning ahead for 3G? - what key factors will determine roll-out plans?

View 1:
Established CDMA operator
Dr. Jae W. Byun, Senior Manager, Service Production Strategy Team. Sk Telecom, Korea


View 2:
Start-up CDMA operator:

Mohan Jesudason, General Manager, Mobile, Telecom New Zealand


3G trial results and experiences to date

  • What are the lessons for future deployment?
  • Showcasing 3G's capabilities to deliver two-way data services, advanced Internet Protocol (IP) based multimedia applications and wireless video communications

View 1:
Bart Rizzolo
, CDMA 3G Product Manager, Lucent Technologies
Arnie Grever, Director, Advanced Technologies R & D Center, Motorola Japan
Dave Murashige, Vice President, Wireless Marketing, Nortel Networks

  3.00 View 2:
  3.20 View 3:
Elda Rudd, Directos, Product Marketing, Nortel Networks
Greg Young, Senior Product Manager, CDMA, Telstra, Australia
  3.50 Afternoon tea & refreshments

What is the development path for CDMA in fixed wireless / wireless local loop (WLL)? - including technology trials and application opportunities for the future

Chief Engineer, Fujitsu


Repeater applications in 2G and 3G CDMA network infrastructure to increase coverage and reduce costs
David A. Bolan, Vice President Marketing, Repeater Technologies


How will radio planning approaches with 3G radio networks differ from 2G? - what new tools and techniques are becoming available?

View 1:
Agilent Technologies

  5.15 View 2:
Marty H. Singer
, President & Chief Executive Officer, Safco Technologies

Exploiting new developments in smart and adaptive antenna technology to boost CDMA network performance

Dr. Martin Feuerstein, Vice President, Product Management & Advanced Technology, Metawave

  5:55 Choices for wireless beyond IMT multi-carrier-1X
Phil Hestor, Director, Product Marketing, Ericsson
  6.00 Close of Day 2



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