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CDMA Conferences
3-5 May CDMA Australia & New Zealand Regional
Congress Sydney Australia
19-21 July CDMA South America International Summit
Rio, Brazil
30 Aug-1 Sep China CDMA International Summit
Beijing, China
25-27 Oct CDMA Americas Congress
San Diego, California

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Asian Telecommunication Conferences
3-5 May Broadband IP & Access Technologies
Hong Kong
19-20 June Internet/E-Commerce Essentials
22-23 June Internet/E-Commerce Essentials
Hong Kong
26-27 June Internet/E-Commerce Essentials
5-7 July E-Commerce/B2B Internet
Hong Kong
5-7 July China Mobile Internet
Beijing, China
10-12 July China Broadband: Optical & IP Networks
26-28 Sep China 3G Mobile International Summit
Beijing, China
Oct India Telecoms
New Delhi, India

Taiwan Telecoms
Taipei, Taiwan

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