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Facility Specifications

Care of Building
Exhibitors will be responsible for any damage to the building caused by them, their agents, or employees. All property destroyed or damaged by the Exhibitor must be restored to its original condition by the Exhibitor, or at the exhibitor's expense. Walls, woodwork, and floors of the building must not be defaced or altered in any manner whatsoever. Tacking, taping or nailing of signs, banners, etc., to any permanent walls, posts, woodwork, floors, or beyond the limits of any background, is prohibited.

Nonflammable Materials
All materials used in the Sheraton Harbor Island Exhibit Hall MUST be nonflammable, to conform to the fire regulations of the San Diego Fire Marshall. No combustible decorations (such as crepe paper, tissue paper, cardboard or corrugated paper) shall be used at any time. All packing containers, excelsior and wrapping paper are to be removed from the floor and must not be stored under tables or behind exhibits. All muslin, velvet or any cloth decorations must withstand a flameproof test as prescribed by San Diego Fire Marshall regulations. Materials not conforming to such regulations will be removed at the Exhibitor's expense.

Any autos, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles (RV's) or other motorized displays shall have their batteries removed (or battery cables removed) and their fuel supplies reduced to not more than one-quarter (1/4) tank full. All motor vehicle tanks containing fuel, or which ever contained fuel, shall be furnished with a locked cap to prelude viewer’s inspection.

Security Services
The CDG will provide 24-hour security during set-up and tear-down, operational show hours, special events and throughout each night the exhibits are open. However, neither the management of the Sheraton Harbor Island, the CDG, THA nor their agents will be responsible for any personal injury to the Exhibitor, its agents or for the safety of exhibits against robbery, damage by fire or other causes.

The Exhibitor is urged to take all such steps, measures and precautions as may be necessary to protect itself, its agents, representatives, employees and guests, as well as its exhibits, displays and property, against all possible injury, damage loss and destruction, prior to and during the show, and during set-up and tear-down.

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