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Space Assignment

Eligibility for Exhibiting
Eligibility for exhibiting is limited to companies that have a vested interest in cdmaOne. The CDG reserves the right to reject any applicant from exhibiting.

Assignment of Space
Space in the Sheraton Harbor Island Exhibit Hall will be assigned by the CDG on a first-come, first-served basis.

Subletting/Sharing of Space
No Exhibitor shall assign, sublet, or apportion the whole or any portion of space allotted, nor shall any Exhibitor be permitted to exhibit therein any goods other than those manufactured or distributed by them in the regular course of their business. Two or more affiliated companies may not exhibit in a single exhibit space without specific written approval in advance from the CDG. Violations to this rule shall be cause for removal from the Sheraton Harbor Island Exhibit Hall.

Relocation of Exhibits
The CDG reserves the right to alter the location of exhibits, if deemed advisable in the best interest of the exposition. The CDG shall have the further right to prohibit, bar, prevent and remove any exhibit or proposed exhibit, or any part or portion thereof, which, in the judgement of the CDG, is unsuitable or inappropriate for the exhibit. Such right shall extend, but shall not be limited to, all equipment, materials, displays, installations and other items or things constituting part of, or used or distributed in connection




Please contact the Americas Congress Hotline at +1-310-265-1152
or e-mail for further information.