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ESN, MEID and EUIMID Calculator
Enter one or more ESN (Electronic Serial Number), UIMID (R-UIM Identifier), MEID or ICCID codes in decimal or hexadecimal format, with or without the check digit. Note that the ICCID does not have a hexadecimal format and the ESN and UIMID do not have a check digit. The IMEI is an all-decimal MEID and the expanded UIMID (EUIMID) can be either of the MEID format (SF_EUIMID) or ICCID format (LF_EUIMID).

ESN and UIMID are valid in an 8 digit hexadecimal or 11 digit decimal format. MEID, SF_EUIMID and IMEI are valid in a 14 digit hexadecimal format or an 18 digit decimal format (with possibly an additional check digit). ICCID and LF_EUIMID are valid in an 18 digit format possibly with an additional check digit and a final filler ('F') digit.


  • For convenience with a test vector any input beginning with two hyphens (--) is treated as a comment and output as a header line.
  • An asterisk ('*') at the end of a digit string indicates that a check digit should be calculated. This is most useful for ICCID/LF_EUIMID because it is not always possible for the calculator to determine whether a check digit is included in non-standard ICCID numbers (19 or 20 digits).
  • IMEI codes (14 digit codes with all decimal digits) are treated as hexadecimal numbers when the 18 digit format is calculated. The check digit is, however, calculated using the decimal Luhn algorithm for both 14 and 18 digit formats.
  • The pUIMID for an ICCID is calculated from a 20 digit string. If the input is 18 digits a calculated check digit and a single 'F' digit are added. If the input is 19 digits the last digit is checked to make sure it is a valid check digit and a single 'F' digit is added. If the 19th digit is not a check digit add '*' to the end.
  • This calculator incorporates a SHA-1 implementation copyright 2002-2005 by Chris Veness, licensed under LGPL.
  • This calculator is provided as is, without warranties of any kind.
  • This calculator has been tested for Explorer and FireFox on Windows and Safari, Firefox and Explorer on the Mac.
  • The pESN and pUIMID values for IMEI codes were not correct in version 1.3.
  • The pESN and pUIMID values will be incorrect in the rarely used Mac version of Internet Explorer.
  • Please contact if any errors are found and we will attempt to correct them. Suggestions for improvements are also welcome.

Version 1.6: February, 2012